Qualcomm Technology Licensing

Qualcomm licensing drives the mobile industry forward.

Licensing Approach

Qualcomm grants licenses to our standard essential patents on terms and conditions consistent with our licensing commitments to standards bodies. Royalties for such patents are based on the value the use of the patented technology provides to manufacturers and users of the end products. Our licensing practices are consistent with industry norms, and have been validated by the U.S. judicial system. We believe our approach to licensing creates efficiency in the ecosystem and reflects the value and innovation our research, developments and contributions provide.

Rights under Qualcomm’s non-essential patents may be negotiated at Qualcomm’s discretion based on several considerations, including whether the counter-party is competing fairly with Qualcomm’s licensees.

Good faith license negotiations

Qualcomm believes in transparency in patent licensing negotiations. We firmly believe in our FRAND commitments and our patent license negotiations are grounded in these principles.

Promptly after initiating patent license discussions, we provide our prospective licensee with a draft license agreement that demonstrates how royalties on specific products are calculated, relevant patent lists, and representative claim charts.

If the prospective licensee has questions about Qualcomm’s patents, we will engage in technical discussions in parallel with business/legal discussions to reasonably respond to those questions and assist the prospective licensee in understanding the scope of Qualcomm’s cellular SEP portfolio and the value of the patented technology in the relevant devices.

Throughout the negotiation, we will avoid unreasonable delays in responding to the prospective licensee.


Fair value for our patented technology

The compensation we receive is based on the value the use of our patented technology provides to manufacturers and users of the end product. We strive to ensure that compensation for a given set of patents in a given device is the same regardless of the location of the licensee in the supply chain.

Because both cellular supply chains and the scope of Qualcomm’s SEP portfolio are worldwide, we grant licenses on a worldwide basis.