CES 2020

January 7-10, 2020, Las Vegas

Qualcomm Automotive booth:
North Hall #5606

See the latest consumer technology product innovations unveiled at CES, the leading forum for business leaders and makers for the last 50 years—with more than 4,500 exhibiting companies, 250 conference sessions, and 170,000 attendees from around the world.

Predictions: How 5G Will Change Your Life

5G is here and it's fueling a new era of innovation that will redefine consumer experiences and drive transformation across every industry. This new generation of mobile technology will also enable new services and industries we've yet to imagine.

Learn what's in store for you as 5G goes mainstream in 2020.

Moderated by Marketplace Tech host Molly Wood

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Qualcomm speaking engagements

Enhancing 5G Mobile Security

Kabir Kasargod, Sr. Director, Business Development, Qualcomm Government Technologies


Tuesday, January 7
4-5PM; DHS Exhibit, Booth #501


CES Panel
Scott Friedman, Senior Advisor to the Director, CISA 
Vincent Sritapan, Portfolio Manager, DHS


Securing the Future of 5G Capabilities

Kabir Kasargod, Sr. Director, Business Development, Qualcomm Government Technologies


Friday, January 10
10-11 AM; DHS Exhibit, Booth #501


CES Panel
Scott Friedman, Senior Advisor to the Director, CISA
Vincent Sritapan, Portfolio Manager, DHS

The Immersive Media Leadership Think Tank: AR/VR/XR

Patrick Costello, Sr. Director, Business Development, Qualcomm Government Technologies


Monday, January 6
2:15-3:15PM; Aria Level 3 Juniper 4


CES Panel
Jonathan Hurd (moderator)
Dani Benowitz
David Borstein - Fox
Samantha Cooper - Viacom
Sarah Rosen - Twitter
Ira Rubenstein - PBS


Ready for the 5G Wireless Revolution

John Smee, VP, Engineering, Qualcomm Government Technologies

Though research pinpoints anywhere from 2019 to 2021 for a true 5G rollout, its arrival will have a massive impact. Engage with visionaries poised for 5G innovations. From driverless cars to fully automated smart cities, 5G will be a game-changer.  


Thursday, January 9
9-10PM; DHS Exhibit, Booth #501


CES Panel

Automotive Booth 

In the Invention Age, cars connect to each other, the road, and virtually everything else.

Automotive OEMs depend on convergence and integration to deliver the next-generation connected cars. Our breakthrough automotive technologies help them do just that. Our leading-edge platforms offer fresh integration opportunities for tomorrow’s architectures, providing value and performance through integration, scalability convergence and comprehensive system software support.

Come to our booth to see:

Concept Car Infotainment

Our immersive dashboard cockpit experience leverages Qualcomm’s latest technologies and chipsets, including:

  • Hypervisor SW architecture with 3D digital cluster with guest virtual machines
  • Advanced 3D maps, personal assistants and rear seat entertainment
  • Premium audio and video services
  • Advanced AI features, driver monitoring, and 3D surround view

Automotive Wireless Solutions

Our solutions are designed to address the needs of next-generation connected vehicles, with:

  • Telematics (4G/5G) C-V2X technology to enable safer, more efficient and smarter transportation
  • Wi-Fi 6 solutions / Bluetooth integration
  • Qualcomm Vision Enhanced Precise Positioning (VEPP) and Positioning

Autonomous Driving

Our autonomy test vehicle showcases Qualcomm technologies that enable perception, sensor fusion, behavior planning, route planning and vehicle control. In addition, there will be an in-depth autonomy solution overview, development platforms, tools, technology video demos and presentations.

Join us at booth #5606 at the LVCC North Hall to view a variety of connected vehicles, technologies and demonstrations.

Live automated driving demonstrations, featuring Autonomous Highway Autopilot 2.0 on a local freeway route, are by appointment only.

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