Qualcomm 5G Summit 2019

Save the date for this year’s 5G Summit, a premier three-day ecosystem event hosted by Qualcomm. Formerly the 4G/5G Summit, this event brings together global OEMs, operators, and IHV/ISVs for leadership keynotes on development and commercialization during the 5G transition—a time of rapid acceleration in connectivity poised to transform industries and enable customers to innovate globally.


The 5G Summit features a variety of networking and business development events, as well as educational sessions for leaders focused on creating and strategizing 5G experiences, applications, and use cases. In addition to 5G, the Summit showcases industry trends and technology developments in AI, IoT, Always On, Always Connected PCs, smart cities, and more.

2019 Keynote

5G and the intelligent wireless edge.

5G is here and commercialization is moving even faster than expected. The global ecosystem is now poised to harness this unified connectivity fabric for future innovation that will transform many industries and enrich our lives. Global industries are pursuing connected and intelligent devices at the network edge that will deliver new capabilities and services. Learn from Qualcomm President Cristiano Amon and his guests how innovation at the wireless edge will set the agenda for the technology industry today and in the decade to come.

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