Qualcomm Cyber Security Solutions

Current work

Qualcomm® Cyber Security Solutions (QCSS) is leading the way in mobile, biometrics and security technologies—enhancing the capabilities of commercial smartphones and IoT devices. 

Fingerprint sensor technology

Utilizing ultrasonic technology to enable 3D fingerprint collection, Qualcomm® Fingerprint Sensors technology solution provides superior image quality for a near-perfect capture rate and better matching.

Past projects

For over 20 years, we’ve developed solutions that have helped our U.S. government partners advance mobile communications security to better serve and protect our government officials, disaster relief workers and military.

Mobile security to keep the President connected.

QCSS has created mobile security solutions that protect the actions and decisions of our government officials

Assured comms when it’s needed most.

We’ve provided standalone wireless networks for reliable, responsive and secure mobile voice and data communications (comms) during times of crisis.

Force tracking for wherever your mission takes you.

Our solutions allow force and vehicle tracking for our troops through near-real-time mobile two-way data communications and vehicle position/location tracking.

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