Inspiring students to become the next generation of inventors.

The Qualcomm® Thinkabit Lab™ program aims show students from all cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds that they can be part of inventing the wireless world of the future. The program is recognized nationally and internationally as a model for exposing students to STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) concepts and careers while developing the critical skills necessary for a strong workforce.

Inside the Thinkabit Lab, students engage in fun and unique, hands-on engineering projects.

During its operation, the original Thinkabit Lab, located at our headquarters in San Diego, California, provided more than 14,000 middle school students in San Diego county with an up-close look at Qualcomm through the Thinkabit Lab Signature Experience, which has two engaging components. During the Qualcomm® World of Work, students learn the history of Qualcomm, explore their unique talents, and discover engineering and non-engineering careers available at tech companies. In the hands-on engineering activities, students learn skills such as circuitry, coding, and troubleshooting, culminating in a collaborative project where students create an inspired Internet of Things (IoT) invention. The journey to inventing today and tomorrow’s wireless world begins here!

Since 2014, we have expanded our programs to give students an ever deeper look into the incredible world of invention that goes beyond the typical Signature Experience. All programs culminate with students using their engineering and technology skills to create an automated, IoT inspired invention:

  • Wearable Tech: Students explore their strengths, interests and values while learning to code LED lights and Servo motors and apply these skills to create an automated wearable.
  • Tech for Good:  Students learn to use Bluetooth technology and take inspiration from Qualcomm® Wireless Reach™ initiatives to invent a solution to a real-world problem.
  • AgTech for Good: Students draw on their experience in agricultural communities and utilize IoT-based technology to develop innovative solutions to local problems.

Thinkabit Lab Nationwide Sites

Our collaborations and partners.

In 2015, we began our efforts to expand the Thinkabit Lab program to different regions of the United States. Currently, the Thinkabit Lab program is offered in collaboration with select schools, universities, libraries, and other organizations across the country. Collaborations with partners vary as we adapt the program structure to the possibilities of each organization. Programs operate during the school year as short immersive sessions with students from various schools and districts, or as semester long experiences for students in one school. Partners also implement week-long camps during the summer and prioritize access to underrepresented populations such as girls, students of color, and low-income students. All partners provide the experience at no cost to students.
Teachers and educators in our national network of Thinkabit Lab sites are provided with the resources and support needed to implement the program in their area. Sites are given all necessary materials to implement the program and have access to a Teaching Resources platform with detailed information on how to teach content and troubleshoot technical problems with students. We also provide professional development during the school year in the form of webinars and newsletters and over the summer through an in person, immersive experience with Qualcomm engineers and Corporate Responsibility staff at Qualcomm headquarters.

We Expanded Our Reach Across the United States

Resources for teachers and education through the learning center.

The Thinkabit Lab Learning Center offers a variety of resources to get you started on your journey to become an inventor. Here you will explore how to wire and program a microcontroller, invent with indicators and actuators, and explore future careers in technology!

The Learning Center is open to teachers or adults and provides activities that can be used independently or with a group of students. Some of the activities available at the Learning Center include career exploration; hands-on engineering activities, a “How to Get Started“ guide, and a troubleshooting guide.

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