Advancing spectrum availability for the rapid proliferation of mobile broadband.

Mobile broadband continues to improve lives and drive global economic growth. Mobile broadband is transforming virtually every facet of life—the way we live, work, learn, get health care, and so much more. Billions of people depend on access to mobile broadband all the time, no matter where they happen to be.

5G, the latest form of mobile broadband, has the potential to improve lives dramatically in so many ways. It can deliver the type of wireless connectivity that is only a dream today for so many people and so many uses. Much faster speeds, much lower latency, and much more reliable connectivity will allow people to use 5G for all the things that today require wireline connectivity—to cut the wires. The rapid, broad roll-out of 5G depends on the availability of one input controlled by government regulators: spectrum.

As a result, for 5G to live up to its potential, it’s crucial that regulators make available a constant, steady stream of new spectrum so that 5G can spread around the world as broadly and as quickly as possible. This objective is a key focus of Qualcomm’s public policy advocacy. In particular, for 5G to deliver its full capabilities, we need access to all types of spectrum: low, mid, and high band, as well as licensed, unlicensed, and shared. Fortunately, global spectrum regulators share this vision, and Qualcomm continues to work closely with these regulators to achieve this vision as soon as possible.

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