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At Qualcomm, we believe in the power of technology to enrich lives through purposeful innovation.

Empowering people. Transforming communities. Protecting the planet.

At Qualcomm, we believe in the power of technology. We invent technologies that have the power to catalyze social change and the potential to have a positive impact on society for the better—for everyone.

With the world becoming increasingly connected, we’re embracing the tremendous opportunity before us and innovating solutions to tackle global challenges, inspire the workforce of tomorrow, and make a lasting difference. We’re continuing to push the boundaries of what’s possible to ensure we reach our sustainability goals while maintaining our commitment to creating a better future for the world.

COVID-19 impacts us all.

Qualcomm is helping the global community fight the COVID-19 pandemic. We recognize now, more than ever, the need to stay connected, and we continue to support our customers while protecting the safety of our employees and communities.

Qualcomm for Good

Mar 10, 2020


Our focus

We focus our efforts in four key areas.

Corporate responsibility at Qualcomm focuses on driving sustainable innovation in wireless technology to transform how the world connects, computes, and communicates. Our priorities include four areas where we believe we can make the greatest impact while also ensuring the long-term success of our business. These corporate responsibility focus areas integrate our material priorities which are: Purposeful Innovation, Diversity and Inclusion, Ethics and Governance, Sustainable Product Design, Privacy and Security and Public Policy and Regulation.

Our Strategy

Corporate responsibility is part of everything we do.

We focus our efforts in four key areas where we believe we can have the biggest impact — Purposeful Innovation, STEM Education, Responsible Business, and Our People. From our daily operations to our stakeholder engagements, our commitment to corporate responsibility allows us to set goals that contribute to the long-term success of our business and our bottom line, while managing our social and environmental impacts.

Our Corporate Responsibility Policy articulates our overarching commitments to innovate responsibly.

Our 2020 Goals

Our 2020 goals are the milestones that will enable us to focus on key outcomes and stay on track to achieve our 2030 Vision. Highlights of our progress toward each of these goals, as well as our performance metrics, are available in our annual report and in each of our priority areas. By 2020:


  • We will have a comprehensive understanding of the impacts and opportunities arising from the application of our technology, the sustainability impacts in our supply chain, our human rights impacts and opportunities, and our carbon and water footprints across our value chain.
  • Our comprehensive programs for recruiting, retaining and promoting an inclusive and diverse workforce will result in increased representation of women and under-represented minorities across our workforce including technical and business leadership roles.
  • We will enhance and expand the talent pipeline in the technology industry by engaging students and other key stakeholders in our scalable STEM education initiatives.
  • Our ethics and compliance standards will continue to be fully integrated into our global business operations where we have a controlling interest.
  • Key stakeholders will have a thorough understanding of our programs and priorities.

Our 2030 Vision

Our 2030 Vision is our roadmap to inform big-picture thinking on sustainability issues that are most important to our Company, and it will help us identify where we can collaborate with key stakeholders to create sustainability solutions. Our 2030 Vision helps us identify what success looks like for each of our priority areas:


Our structure

Who’s responsible for corporate responsibility at Qualcomm? Everyone.

We’ve integrated corporate responsibility throughout our Company, from our daily operations to our executive leadership and our Board of Directors. Our governance structure exists to facilitate accountability, transparency and the ongoing improvement of our programs.


Our Leadership Committee provides guidance on global corporate responsibility issues that are most important to Qualcomm and our key stakeholders so that corporate responsibility remains a central component of our business strategy. Composed of executives and senior management from across the Company, including human resources, legal, government affairs, supply chain, investor relations and finance, this Committee reports annually on our corporate responsibility policies, programs and performance to the Governance Committee of our Board of Directors.


Our Approach

Ongoing, transparent communications.

Conversations with our key stakeholders are essential to assuring that our corporate responsibility strategy aligns with the current needs of our business and meets the expectations of the people, organizations and communities that have an interest in our Company. These include our investors, employees, customers, suppliers, government officials and representatives of nonprofit organizations, among others. We consistently seek ways to better communicate with stakeholders and obtain their feedback on a variety of corporate responsibility-related topics. 

Through our strategic science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) initiatives, we inspire the next generation of inventors who will someday answer questions that haven’t yet been asked. We conduct business with unquestioned integrity while minimizing our environmental impact. Finally, we empower our people to succeed in a working environment that promotes creativity, invention, inclusion, and giving back to the communities where we live and work.

To make this a reality, corporate responsibility is integrated across the Company and involves many different teams. While we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible through our inventions and help shape a better future, we create value for our Company, our shareholders and other stakeholders.


At Qualcomm, we leverage Qualcomm’s leading-edge technologies to enrich lives, transform communities, and protect the planet.

To find out more about how we are working to achieving our corporate responsibility vision and meeting our goals, access please read our different policies and guiding principles.

Our reports

Achieving our vision and meeting our goals.

If you are looking for information about our transparency and value creation efforts across the company, please access our different sustainability and thematic reports.

2019 Qualcomm Corporate Responsibility Report

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