South Korea

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Established in 1997 in the beautiful city of Seoul, Qualcomm South Korea values collaboration with its customers and partners, and works closely with them to enable their success. The company offers a wide range of tools to support the device development process, and develops new technologies based on the needs and demands of the wireless market.

Work in the Qualcomm South Korea office focuses on maintaining leadership for CDMA technologies and enabling mobile technology in the market. Qualcomm South Korea offers collegial surroundings and a wonderful working environment. In fact, Qualcomm is proud to be named among the top ten “Best Employers in Korea” by Hewitt Associates. But credit must be given to the people who work here. From the environment they create to the ideas they generate, they’re the ones who make Qualcomm all that it is. Be a part of the world's wireless innovations and join Qualcomm.

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