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Our interns work in the future.

Working at Qualcomm may be the closest you’ll get to experiencing time travel. For the last two decades, we’ve been creating mobile technologies to help connect people around the world and bring the future here faster. You won’t just work in a lab, or write lines of code. You’ll be an integral part of what’s next for mobility and the world.

From your campus to ours.

We offer three-month internship opportunities that give you the flexibility to continue to work on your degree while make strides in your career. Students from across the US join us each summer for meaningful and challenging project work that allows them to work alongside industry experts. If you have already achieved your goals on your campus, we invite you to ours.

Did you know?

The majority of our interns become fulltime Qualcomm employees.

Fraud Alert

Please be aware that we are currently receiving numerous reports of con artists posing as Qualcomm Staffing Managers, seeking to engage with job seekers through fraudulent online advertisements, job search sites, and direct email solicitations.

Designed for success.

Our internship program is project based and will provide meaningful work that will further your education as an engineer.  Beyond that, this internship will serve as an interview, evaluating you for future full time & internship positions at Qualcomm.

  • Expand your technical knowledge through lecture series, lab tours, and peer discussions.
  • Participate in innovation competitions – creating new industry ideas while gaining high level exposure.
  • Bring your career path up to the next level by polishing your professional developments skills through workshops, information sessions, and hands on application.
  • Hear from our executives on their vision for the company and insight on the industry
  • Network with you fellow interns and get involved with groups such as U2Q, our University to Qualcomm New Grad network.

Early Identification Program

Qualcomm is creating breakthroughs in mobile technology that will help the future arrive faster, but we need fresh minds and inventive thinkers who are up to the challenge. We are seeking high-potential first year students in Computer Science and Computer Engineering to participate in our Early Identification Program (EIP) based in San Diego, CA. The world can’t wait for the next great innovation, and we need people who aren’t content to wait for someone else to do it. The EIP program involves a 10-14 week internship during the summer working with a team of engineers and other EIP students to develop, implement, and maintain software for the most complex wireless devices within the Mobile, IoT, and Automotive industry. You will also have access to exclusive networking events, mentorship, professional development, and much more. So if you can’t wait for the future to arrive, apply now to be considered for this opportunity using activity code EIP2018.