Prepare and succeed: Qualcomm Interview FAQ

You probably have questions. Get answers and insights here. 

When you’re selected for an on-site interview, a member of the recruiting team will guide you through the process from trip arrangements and online application docs to pre-interview prep.

Expect at least two technical interviews either on your campus, our campus or over the phone. Spontaneity and improvisation are great, but the better you’re prepared, the more confident you’ll be—and that’s a real advantage.

Here are a few tips to help you gain an edge through the interview process:

  • Research successful interviewing techniques. Preview common questions. Think through your responses, then practice (yes, out loud) to enhance your communications skills.
  • Do your homework: study our website to learn about Qualcomm and our industry. Showing your interest in our world is always impressive.
  • Have a few personal stories in mind that demonstrate your problem-solving skills. And be prepared to talk about your course work, your role on projects and your work experience.

And some general pointers you probably already know, but just in case:

  • Be punctual. It’s a fundamental sign of respect.
  • Ask questions. Interviews are a dialogue. We enjoy being asked questions that show genuine interest in our company.
  • Be buttoned up. Pack extra resumes, pens and notepad.
  • Be buttoned up, part two. Yes, we have a casual workplace, but dressing appropriately always makes a better first impression.
  • And finally, send (or email) a thank-you note. Expressing your interest in the position and appreciation to the hiring team for their time can never hurt. Your recruiter can forward your message along to the team.

Getting Started

How do I apply for a position at Qualcomm?

Step One: Create a Profile

Qualcomm's online system allows you to create a profile, apply for open positions and track positions you’ve applied for. Select Create Your Profile to begin.

Provide an email address and password for login, basic contact information and upload your resume. This will officially establish your account. You can then start applying for positions on the site and tracking the status. Should you wish to update your resume, it can be edited at any time in the My Information tab of your profile.

To better help our recruiters match your qualifications to positions, please take a few minutes to complete all steps in the application
process. You can edit your information at anytime in the My Information tab of your profile.

A Qualcomm representative will contact you if your qualifications are a good match for our opportunities. Please keep in mind that submitting your resume authorizes Qualcomm to use your personal information for recruitment purposes.

Step Two: Search Jobs and Apply

This allows you to search our database of open positions by location, job category, date posted and keyword. When you locate a position for which you may be a fit, and you have already established an account, select "apply now" and your resume will be sent automatically to a staffing specialist for consideration.

New User? Get started and apply today. Returning User? Just login to your profile and check your application status in the My Jobs tab.

What is the purpose of a profile?

The profile enables you to enter your information once and apply to many positions. You may keep your information and resume up to date and when a recruiter reads your resume, it will always use the current version. Creating a profile also allows us to find current and future jobs that may suit you.

How is the information in my account used and does it remain confidential?

The information in your account always remains confidential to Qualcomm. It will only be shared with members of our staffing department and with the manager who would be overseeing the position(s) you have applied for. The information will be used for us to keep in contact with you regarding your interest in our positions and to evaluate your skills and experience against the requirements for the positions you have expressed interest in.

I've submitted a resume and applied for a position. Now what?

Your resume will be reviewed against the position's qualifications. If it is determined that there is a match, a member of our staffing team will contact you to schedule a telephone or on-site interview.

Is there a limit to the amount of jobs I can apply to?

1. You can apply to a maximum of five positions that are not Talent Pool positions.
2. There is no limit to the amount of Talent Pool positions you can apply to.

You can determine whether a position is a Talent Pool because it will be listed at the top of the search results and the posting number will begin with a “T." All other positions begin with the letters E, N or G and you can apply to a maximum of five of these positions.

If you have a applied to the maximum number of positions, you can login to your profile and update your jobs by clicking “Remove” next to positions you have previously applied to.

What are the steps in your hiring process?

After an initial screening of your resume by a member of our staffing team, qualified resumes are then forwarded to the hiring manager for review. The manager will then request interviews to be set up with those determined to be a good match. A series of interviews, including telephone and on-site, are conducted. Based on the results of these interviews, an offer for employment is extended to the most qualified applicant.

What do I do if I need an accommodation during the hiring process?

If you are an individual with a disability and need an accommodation during the application/hiring process, please call Qualcomm's toll-free number found here for assistance. Qualcomm will provide reasonable accommodations, upon request, to support individuals with disabilities to be able participate in the hiring process. Qualcomm is also committed to making our workplace accessible for individuals with disabilities. Qualcomm is an equal opportunity employer and supports workforce diversity.


Have a question for one of our departments such as careers, public relations, research and development, ventures or investor relations? Start here.

How do I request for my profile on the Careers Website to be deleted?

To submit a potential deletion request, please visit this page: https://www.qualcomm.com/site/privacy. You will find a link to present this request under the section labeled "Your Choices". Following this, you will receive an email in the near future from "OneTrust Privacy". Please review this email and follow any instructions accordingly.

Talent Pools

What is a Talent Pool?

A Talent Pool is an easy solution for you to present your skills and experiences to multiple hiring teams at Qualcomm and be considered for multiple positions. By applying to a Talent Pool, your resume will be reviewed and matched to the roles that best fit your functional area expertise. This maximizes efficiency for both you and Qualcomm's hiring teams.

How can I apply to a Talent Pool?

Talent Pool positions are listed in the Job Search results of our website, just like all other positions. You can determine whether a position is a Talent Pool because it will be listed at the top of the search results and the posting number will start with a T. Please email talentpools@qualcomm.com with any questions.

How many Talent Pools can I apply to?

There is no limit to the number of Talent Pool positions you can apply to. Outside of Talent Pool positions, there is an application limit of five maximum for open positions that begin with the letter E or N. These positions will be listed in your profile as being active. If you have applied to the maximum number of positions, you can login to your profile and update your jobs by clicking “Remove” on the positions to which you have previously applied.

Interview Process

What will help me to be best prepared for my interview?

Qualcomm is all about innovative solutions. Have a few instances in mind of how you’ve solved particular problems in the workplace, whether they were product, service, or people-related.

As you’ve most likely already discovered, Qualcomm has a comprehensive website with information about our culture, our history and more. Take a few moments to review it; you’ll probably find some interesting facts that will make great conversation starters. We also suggest taking some time to research the department/business you’ll be interviewing with. This will help you to understand the specifics of the team and relay your experiences more relevantly.

In addition, prior to your interview it’s always a good idea to review the job description. Be prepared to talk at length about your resume and experience, as well as professional goals and desires.

A recruiter has contacted you because you've been selected for an interview. Now what?


Given our large volume of interviews, candidates are often contacted via email to arrange the logistics of the interview. Our staffing coordinators will do their best to accommodate your schedule and book your travel/hotel if necessary. If you have any questions during this process, contact telephone numbers are listed on all email correspondence. Feel free to give us a call.

Interview Process

Interviews at Qualcomm are traditionally comprised of a phone interview, followed by one or two onsite interviews.

Onsite Interview

Our onsite interview format is a series of individual 45 minute meetings with various members of the hiring team. This method is designed to give candidates a 360 degree view of the department and the role.

Interview Format

Interviews styles vary from group to group and change significantly depending on the role you are seeking and the teams you are meeting with. The majority of interviewers aim to get a grasp of your technical skills while also asking questions to get to know who you are and how you communicate. In addition to technical questioning, some interviewers utilize behavioral interviewing methods. In this case, you should be prepared with some concrete examples that will illustrate situations when you have successfully solved problems or performed memorably.

Occasionally, groups will opt for a panel interview that will include several members of the company interviewing you collectively. Your scheduler and recruiter will be able to clarify if this will apply to your interview.

When will I hear back from my recruiter after I've interviewed?

We aim to get back to candidates within two weeks of an interview, and a reasonable expectation time line should be outlined during your on-site recruiter meeting. Feel free to reach out to your individual recruiter if you have questions in the interim. All interviewed candidates will be notified directly with an interview outcome regardless if they are selected or not.

Application Process

How can I talk to someone about my resume and job interests?

If we find a good match to Qualcomm requirements and qualifications after you have submitted your resume, you will be contacted directly by a member of our staffing team. At that time we will be more than happy to discuss your resume and job interests. While we would like to speak to everyone that has an interest at working at Qualcomm, the volume of resumes does not allow us to perform this courtesy.

How do I apply for international positions?

All Qualcomm openings worldwide are posted on our Job Search page. Simply search by your criteria. The same application process is used for U.S. and international positions.

There isn't a position currently listed that is the right fit. Should I create a profile anyway for future openings?

Yes. By creating a profile, your resume is in our database and available to our staffing specialists to search and review. They may find a future position that matches your qualifications and they will then contact you.

When can I update my account?

You can access and make changes to your password-protected account at any time. Our staffing team will see your most current information and resume at any time even for positions you applied to in the past.

What are the eligibility requirements to work for Qualcomm in the U.S.?

We consider all qualified candidates, regardless of citizenship or visa status.

Do I have to complete the entire profile?

We don’t require you to complete the entire profile, but we strongly recommend you do so. The more information you put into the profile, the better the chance that we will find your resume while searching our database. If you are chosen to interview at Qualcomm, we will ask that you complete the entire profile and digitally sign it.

How long after creating my profile can I expect to hear from Qualcomm?

Your profile and resume is immediately entered into our database and made available to recruiters who specialize in the areas matching your skills, strengths, and areas of interest. We strongly encourage you to apply for positions that you are qualified for and interested in. A recruiter may contact you if an open position matches your skills and background.

How can I submit my resume/CV via email?

If your resume is sent via email, the chances of our staffing team finding a match for you are dramatically reduced. Therefore, we do not encourage you to email your resumes/CVs. Instead, please submit a profile. This way your resume/CV will be available to many hiring managers and recruiters, instead of just the ones that have received your resume/CV via email.

If I am a college graduate or am looking for an internship, can I apply?

Yes. All open positions are listed on our external website including those suitable for new graduates and interns. On our Job Search page, you will be able to select intern and/or new grad positions when you search.

How can I change my email address in my profile?

To change your address, log into the profile using your old email address and password. You will be able to change your email, password and any other information.

How can I be sure that my application has been received?

When you apply for a position, you will see a thank you message on the screen.

What benefits am I eligible for?

Qualcomm has a generous and comprehensive benefits package that you will be eligible for as a regular, full-time employee, and we also offer great benefits for interns. Explore the "Benefits" section of the site to view Qualcomm's offerings.

Do I have to be a U.S. citizen to apply?

We consider all qualified candidates, regardless of citizenship. However, please recognize that in order to work for Qualcomm, you will need to show proof of your legal right to work in the U.S. In addition, if you are a citizen of a country that is included on the U.S. list of restricted, sanctioned or embargoed countries, your employment will be contingent on you receiving authorization from the U.S. government. Qualcomm will apply to the U.S government for authorization for you to have access to Qualcomm's technology and/or products prior to your employment.

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