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Matthew S. Grob

Executive Vice President, Technology Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Matt Grob is executive vice president of technology for Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and a member of Qualcomm’s executive committee.

Grob joined Qualcomm in 1991 as an engineer. His contributions include system design, standardization and project leadership for early CDMA data services; the Globalstar satellite based mobile voice and data system and later 1x EV-DO high-speed wireless Internet access technology. His focus on cellular data services led to his assignment as co-project engineer for the HDR (High Data Rate) program starting in 1997. This new high-speed Internet access technology became standardized as 1x EV-DO and was commercialized throughout the world. Innovations and techniques from these programs also helped UMTS’ evolution to HSPA. In 1998, Grob was promoted to lead the Company’s R&D system engineering group and in 2006, he became in charge Qualcomm’s Corporate R&D group, now a division of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. known as Qualcomm Research.

Grob also served as Qualcomm’s Chief Technology Officer from 2011-2017 (including, from 10/2012, as CTO of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.). Under Grob’s leadership, Qualcomm Research efforts have expanded in scale and scope, with offices in Austria, China, Germany, India, Korea, and several in the U.S. During this time, Qualcomm Research had a strong focus on core wireless technologies including cellular, unlicensed, satellite, among others, as well as adjacent areas such as contextual awareness, machine learning, semiconductor technology, computer vision and security.

Grob holds a Master of Science in electrical engineering from Stanford University and a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering from Bradley University. He is a member of the IEEE and holds more than 70 patents.