Join the AI technology revolution.

The Qualcomm Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform is designed to make a wide range of devices smarter—everything from smartphones to vehicles—by constantly adapting to their users and their environment. This increase in intelligence and awareness helps make devices even more productive—creating rich, personalized, and intuitive user experiences. 

The Qualcomm AI advantage

Efficient on-device intelligence

AI can now run on the device without the cloud—especially if it’s powered by a Snapdragon mobile platform. Privacy, reliability, latency, and efficient use of bandwidth come standard, and our heterogeneous computing capabilities provide high performance for AI features and applications.

Connectivity advantages

With 5G on the horizon, a wide range of smart, connected devices will exchange information directly with each other—and with the cloud—to create even more personalized and intelligent user experiences. Snapdragon mobile platforms support wireless technologies like Gigabit LTE, and soon 5G, for distributed computing architectures for AI.

Adapting to your every move.

Snapdragon mobile platforms are designed to provide a higher level of device intelligence than ever before. On-device AI allows you to capture better pictures and videos, provides more immersive VR and AR experiences, and improves speech and voice recognition capabilities for a truly personal relationship with your digital assistant. 

Sensing with more human-like awareness.

Years of Qualcomm research have resulted in innovative on-device AI capabilities like machine learning and computer vision. They enable our devices to get to know our patterns and behaviors over time, so that they can sense and anticipate our needs. Acting as natural human extensions, they can listen, recognize, respond, and react intuitively.

IoT plus AI takes intelligence to a whole new level.

Connectivity has made devices smart—and our AI solutions make them even smarter. Now your robot vacuum doesn’t just sweep the floor, it will mop up the baby’s mess when it hears her cry. Your security camera recognizes Fido, and notifies you immediately when an intruder steps onto your front porch. Even street lamps will be smarter, detecting traffic patterns or searching for specific license plates. That’s the power of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors and machine learning—an extra level of intelligence that identifies people, sounds, and events that make everyday life safer, easier, and more personal.

Develop experiences people want. No cloud required.

The Snapdragon Neural Processing Engine (NPE) software development kit (SDK) helps developers best determine which compute core to run applications with deep neural networks on devices with premium-tier Snapdragon mobile platforms—all without needing a connection to the cloud. 

Webinar - Making On-device AI Ubiquitous

Our current products now support many AI use cases, such as computer vision, natural language processing, and malware detection — both for smartphones and autos — and we are researching broader topics, such as AI for wireless connectivity, power management, and photography. Watch this video to learn about our AI vision.

Watch the webinar
Webinar - Making On-Device AI Ubiquitous
May 14, 2018 | 50:43

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