Life-changing technology starts with Qualcomm.

For over 30 years, our inventions have inspired others to make the impossible, possible. Now, we’re inventing ways for 5G and Artificial Intelligence to change how business gets done, redefine industries and improve lives everywhere.

Leading the world to 5G.

Qualcomm connected your phone to the Internet and sparked the mobile revolution. Now the company that brought you 3G and 4G are engineering 5G, which will overcome seemingly impossible wireless challenges. We’ll define a new era of connectivity yet again as 5G transforms the way we work, shop, and play.

The Always Connected PC is here.

Make your computer your new take-everywhere, stay-connected-to-everything mobile device. An Always Connected PC powered by a Snapdragon Mobile PC platform combines smartphone-like features with a PC, so you can experience constant connectivity, beyond all-day battery life, innovative designs and the familiarity of the Windows 10 operating system in a single device.