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Technical Features

Fluence™ Noise Cancellation Technology

All They Hear is You

Fluence technology, a product of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., is a leading-edge noise reduction and echo cancellation technology for use in Bluetooth® headsets and wireless handsets. An advanced software solution, Fluence enhances the listening experience by reducing background noise and canceling echoes, ensuring that all they hear is you.

Fluence enhances mobile voice quality like no other technology available today. Fluence isolates voice signals using our Dual-Microphone Noise Cancellation technology: one microphone captures the voice signal, and the second microphone identifies the background noise--and reduces it.

This noise reduction and echo cancellation technology virtually eliminates distracting background noise, including crowds, wind, motorized vehicles and other all-too-common interruptions to your conversations. The result is enhanced call clarity on Bluetooth headsets and wireless handsets.

Qualcomm's Fluence technology is available on select MSM® chipsets, providing mobile device manufacturers with an optimized, fully integrated solution. Using Fluence, OEMs can create low-power, high-performance devices without taking valuable board space, and ensuring small form factors. And cleaner transmissions give network operators more efficient use of their network channel capacity.

Qualcomm also offers Fluence technology to manufacturers to port to their Bluetooth headsets to deliver better voice communications. To achieve the clearest communications experience possible, manufacturers are turning to Fluence technology.


Two mics are better than one

  • Enhances sound quality by using a dual-microphone architecture
  • By eliminating extraneous background noise, the voice signal is stronger
  • An integrated, optimized solution for OEMs

Integrated noise reduction and echo cancellation technologies right into Qualcomm chipsets

  • Frees manufacturers from costly and cumbersome designs
  • Optimized solution enables OEMs to offer exceptional voice quality in small, low-power, high-performance devices in a cost-effective manner

Gives voice recognition a boost

  • The voice enhancing software enabled by Fluence offers significant suppression of both stationary and non-stationary background noise
  • Improved voice activity detection and speech recognition
  • Users will experience considerable improvement when using voice recognition and other voice-related applications

Dual-Microphone Noise Cancellation technology

  • Higher noise suppression of up to 30dB
  • Capable of handling both stationary and non-stationary noises
  • Superior speech quality in low-SNR environments
  • Improved speech recognition and voice activity detection
  • Results in lower average vocoder bit-rate in noise environments and therefore consumes less battery power
  • Makes wideband meaningful in noisy environments