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HQV® Video Processing

Internet-connected devices such as smartphones, tablets, set-top boxes and TVs are becoming more influential in the way people watch and share video content. As such, the state of video consumption is poised for explosive growth based simply on the different types of devices that can be found in your connected home, for starters.

HQV® (Hollywood Quality Video™), a product of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., is an award winning video processing engine. The video processing engine is the part of a processor which is responsible for image quality. One of its many functions is to convert and format video data from any source and display it on the screen without loss of picture quality. It also takes incoming video streams at different resolutions and scales them to the proper one before displaying it on the screen. Many sources provide video in interlaced format that must be converted to progressive before it can be displayed, although how well these conversions are performed varies across different video processing engines. Thanks to innovations by Qualcomm, the HQV engine can perform these conversions effortlessly and elegantly to produce the highest quality images displayed on the screen. In addition, many video sources are prone to visual noise that comes about as a result of poor capture, transmission or over-compression. The HQV video processing engine contains advanced algorithms for noise reduction as well as image formatting and conversion. It also contains image enhancement algorithms that add detail to low resolution images and adjust color and contrast to give crisp, clear images on your display, regardless of form factor.


The HQV Benchmark version 2.0, available in standard definition NTSC and high definition Blu-Ray formats, is a powerful image quality testing tool for your video player, processor or display. It's designed to put your device through a grueling video obstacle course. The video clips and test patterns have been specifically designed to evaluate a variety of video signal processing tasks including decoding, de-interlacing, motion correction, noise reduction, film cadence detection, and detail enhancement. For each test, you'll find a brief description of what picture artifacts to look for and how to score the resulting images.