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Qualcomm® RaptorQ™

The world’s most advanced Forward Error Correction (FEC) for data networks

FEC technologies are designed to recover data missing for any reason, including network packet loss – and RaptorQ™, a product of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., is the best. High performing, scalable, cost effective delivery of high-quality / high-value content through real-world networks is more challenging than ever, but it’s a challenge that Qualcomm’s Raptor technology can help meet.

RaptorQ protects against network packet loss – solves data transfer problems

Raptor technology enables the most efficient Content Delivery and highest quality Streaming Video solutions.

Key Benefits:

  • Eliminates the costs of re-sending lost data
  • Corrects video jitter – improves video streaming quality
  • Speeds file delivery – efficiently uses bandwidth
  • Is cost effective to deploy – no hardware expense
  • Reaches more subscribers - increases network range
  • Is easy to implement – works on all device types and networks

Raptor technology enhances file delivery and streaming solutions

Raptor technology can enhance many different file delivery and streaming solutions. For example, wireless service providers can offer high-quality mobile broadcast and streaming video services to customers; enterprises can broadcast time-sensitive database updates to remote sites; and military organizations can stream real-time surveillance video in harsh communications environments.

RaptorQ application layer FEC eliminates hardware expense and reduces operating costs

RaptorQ code is extremely efficient with small memory requirements and low CPU workload. Its flexible API (application programming interface) and high performance decoding algorithm make it a versatile error correcting code for all types of Content Delivery and Streaming Video services. Since it does not require special hardware to operate, Raptor technology is an ideal choice for solutions over cellular, Wi-Fi, satellite, private RF or any wired or optical networks.

Raptor codes are highly portable and operating system independent

The Raptor encoder and decoder small code footprints and low CPU workload requirements allow them to run on all types of mobile and fixed devices, including handsets, set-top boxes, pads, media tablets, netbooks, notebooks, PCs, servers and vehicle navigation platforms. Visit the RaptorQ page to find a listing of all supported platforms.