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Streaming Video Solutions using Raptor FEC

Improve video streaming with Raptor technology

Both operators and consumers can benefit from Raptor-protected video streaming applications, whether they are deployed for IPTV, mobile TV, broadcast, Video on Demand (VOD), Internet video streaming or HD audio.

Raptor technology improves video quality-of-service (QoS)

In streaming applications, the effects of even small levels of packet loss can be readily apparent to the viewer. Content providers demand perfect ubiquitous video delivery across networks and devices. Internet packet loss over wireless is particularly challenging for operators as mobile TV services and demand for HD video content expands. Raptor technology enables high network QoS, improving the video streaming experience.

RaptorQ enabling high-quality, cloud-based video chat

ooVoo is leveraging Qualcomm RaptorQ™ technology to help enhance their high-quality video chat software. RaptorQ™ was carefully chosen by ooVoo’s development team for its reliability, low complexity and fast data loss recovery. ooVoo is launching a new SDK which allows developers to quickly integrate high-quality group video chat on Qualcomm powered mobile devices. For more info about ooVoo’s SDK, please visit http://www.ooVoo.com/SDK.

RaptorQ selected by LG Electronics for video conferencing solution

LGE conducted a competitive evaluation before selecting RaptorQ as the best forward error correction technology for its premium VCS (Video Conferencing System). From a compact design to a full complement of features and technologies, the LG VCS combines HD video with a high quality audio system to deliver a vivid conferencing system to like no other.

Raptor-protected streaming video enables high quality-of-experience (QoE)

Raptor technology alleviates slow video, video jitter, choppy video and other video streaming problems. Because Raptor codes require only small amounts of repair data to ensure high video quality, Raptor-protected streaming media can speed up video, increasing video playback speed while maintaining HD media streams

Raptor technology is cost effective to deploy

Raptor codes enable highly flexible solutions regardless of video encoding formats (MPEG2, MPEG4), encryption vendors, middleware providers, or set-top box manufacturers. Since it doesn’t require RTP within the network, there are no costly network infrastructure changes. And unlike retransmission solutions, Raptor-based solutions can scale based on bandwidth throughput at the headend, not the number of set top boxes in the network, making it more scalable while providing a much lower total cost of ownership.

Raptor codes for IPTV: Improving the video streaming experience and reducing churn

IPTV solutions using Raptor technology allow service providers to extend the DSL loop, even over Wi-Fi, to reach more subscribers and improve quality of service with efficient, reliable video delivery, no video or audio degradation, fast channel change times and low bandwidth overhead. Using Raptor codes to solve packet loss in IPTV networks describes the challenges of operating IPTV networks and how Raptor technology improves QoE. User experience problems caused by packet loss are the leading cause of service calls and customer churn for IPTV service providers. With the proliferation of bundled, triple / quadruple play services, the loss of a single customer can have an incremental impact on a telco’s bottom line. Raptor-protected video streaming applications can also increase the number of qualified access lines, enabling IPTV providers to increase their service area, offer more services to more customers and improve their bottom line.

Raptor FEC is much more efficient than Reed Solomon for streaming solutions

Both operators and consumers can benefit from Raptor-protected streaming video applications, whether they are deployed for IPTV, mobile TV, broadcast, VOD, Internet video streaming or HD audio. In streaming applications, the effects of even small levels of packet loss can be readily apparent to the viewer. Compared to other erasure codes, Raptor technology is more flexible and efficient, and uses less overhead and processing power. The result is optimal performance and the best video quality. Why Raptor codes are better than Reed-Solomon codes for Streaming Applications describes these benefits in detail.

For more information on how Raptor technology can be applied to streaming solutions please visit our Resources page.