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How Gimbal Works

Gimbal™ is the only context aware platform to offer geofencing, proximity utilizing Gimbal Bluetooth® Smart beacons, interest sensing, consumer privacy controls, a communication platform and much more – all in one solution.

How the Gimbal Context Awareness and Proximity Platform Works

The Gimbal platform includes Gimbal proximity beacons and an SDK for iOS and Android equipped with intuitive tools, like integrated geofencing and interest sensing, as well as Gimbal Manager to set specific features and privacy controls. Gimbal privacy features earned Gimbal TRUSTe certification.

  • Gimbal Geofence is designed to provide always-on, low-power, geofence-based location awareness. This enables an application to become aware of an end user’s location, including arrival, departure and dwell times.
  • Gimbal Proximity utilizes Bluetooth Smart beacons to provide a granular level of location awareness, enabling applications to determine with a high degree of accuracy their relative proximity to the beacons. The Gimbal Bluetooth Smart beacons are designed to work seamlessly with the Gimbal Platform and are available in different models to suit a variety of use cases. To order your beacons, go to manager.gimbal.com Note: Proximity features available on iOS only.
  • Gimbal Interest Sensing provides applications with inferred end-user interests based on mobile phone usage.
  • Gimbal Communicate allows for personalized communication via push notification and custom content within an application.
  • Gimbal Manager is a web-based tool for managing geofences, profile rules, content, distribution, data and analytics.
  • Gimbal Privacy allows end users to manage Gimbal and its features, which are designed to protect the consumer’s personal information while giving them command over what and when they share
  • Learn More about the Gimbal Context Aware SDK