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Gimbal Proximity Beacons

Gimbal Proximity Beacons

Gimbal proximity beacons complement GPS by allowing devices and applications to derive their proximity to beacons at a micro-level not currently afforded by GPS technology on consumer devices. A user’s mobile app can be enabled to look for the beacon’s transmission. When it’s within physical proximity to the beacon and detects it, the app can notify the customer of location-relevant content, promotions, and offers.


Gimbal proximity beacons have been designed and certified by Qualcomm Retail Solutions, Inc. to meet Apple performance standards. iBeacon-enabled apps running on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch may be developed.

Bluetooth® Smart Technology

Bluetooth® Smart, also known as Bluetooth Low Energy includes not only the classic and high-speed standards, but also new functionality and a low power feature. Bluetooth Smart proximity beacons communicate with Bluetooth Smart Ready devices like smartphones and tablets to open up whole new opportunities. Bluetooth Smart can transmit up 50 meters. There are several characteristics of Bluetooth Smart that make it optimal for proximity beacons: easy, cost-effective, power efficient, detects a beacon without needing to pair to another device, long battery life, and less interference.

The Gimbal platform features two proximity beacon models:

Gimbal Proximity Beacon – Series 10

The Gimbal Series 10 beacon has a small, lightweight, and sleek design with a loop on one side to allow installation flexibility. It uses a standard CR2032 replaceable battery and ships with the battery tab installed and ready to activate. The battery life under typical conditions is about 3 months when transmitting at almost twice per second. This makes it suitable for applications looking to actively sight beacons while running in the foreground. Gimbal will send a notification when a battery is running low. In addition to its location features and long battery life, this small beacon also has a temperature sensing feature via a thermistor sensor.

Gimbal Proximity Beacon – Series 20

The Gimbal Series 20 beacon is larger than the Series 10 beacon, while still small enough to go unnoticed at a venue or retail store. The Series 20 beacon has a configurable omni-directional or directional antenna. It uses four standard AA alkaline batteries, all of which are replaceable while the unit remains mounted. The battery life is approximately 1 year, but this unit has the added benefit of transmitting at 10x per second which affords applications the ability to monitor for it while in the background while still providing a responsive customer experience. There are multiple convenient mounting options including double-sided adhesive, screws (e.g. mounting on dry wall), and a standard ¼ inch-20inch camera mount hole. The Series 20 is extremely durable. It can be used indoor and outdoor, can function between -40 and 60 degrees Celsius, is dust tight, rain tight, and ice/sleet resistant (NEMA3-rated). A set of screws can also be installed to make it difficult to open while mounted which affords some physical security.

To begin using Gimbal and order your Gimbal proximity beacons, visit the Gimbal Manager Portal.

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