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Qualcomm Education

We believe learning should happen everywhere—in the classroom, on the bus, in museums, at the park—the possibilities are endless. Together with our partners, Qualcomm is working to enable safe, affordable and equitable 24/7 mobile centric learning globally.

A Mobile Learning Framework for 24/7 Education

As a leading provider of wireless technology, we’ve seen the positive impact of connecting people with information, but our schools have been left behind.

Despite many successful education pilot projects that demonstrate how giving students 24/7 access to their learning materials has a positive impact on their achievement, uptake of mobile learning has been stymied due to a number of barriers – here are a few we are working to address:

  • Digital equity: Level the playing field by intuitively managing and providing seamless connectivity across Wi-Fi and Cellular Broadband networks, ensuring all students benefit from anytime, anywhere access to learning materials, peers and teachers.
  • Secure, focused learning environment: Qualcomm Education is working with device manufacturers towards the development of enterprise grade, embedded on-device security that isolates all school approved content and connectivity from any personal applications or activity.
  • Affordable, managed 24/7 connectivity: The Qualcomm Education solution is designed to enable LTE data plans that are accessible only for school-approved activities, and provide a safer experience for students by managing web and content access whenever and wherever they connect.
  • Easy to use, implement and deploy: Simplify and streamline connectivity both on and off campus without unnecessarily burdening IT staff with complex device management systems and content access policies. Ultimately, this helps to make seamless and always available connectivity for learning content a reality for all students.
  • Enhanced educational content: Leverage mobile device capabilities to facilitate student experiences that are more interactive, personal and engaging with always connected, high quality learning content.

Learning doesn’t stop when the school bell rings, so we must work together to enable a safe, affordable and equitable 24/7 mobile centric learning experience for every student and teacher.


Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. has announced the creation of a new division, Qualcomm Education, following its acquisition of EmpoweredU. EmpoweredU is a pioneer in mobile learning, having developed an intuitive, mobile-centric, and cloud based learning platform that is both device and operating system agnostic. EmpoweredU enables institutions to increase student engagement with an effective user experiences that leverages mobile.

Learn more below and stay tuned for further updates.

  • Focused on student success. Today’s students have been raised with technology. They are the mobile-centric, always connected generation. EmpowereU tools let learning happen live, whenever and wherever the opportunity emerges.
    Learn more.
  • Anytime, anywhere access. The EmpoweredU learning environment starts with mobile, where students want to be. It was designed from the beginning for on-the-go learning—not retrofitted to work on mobile devices. A visually appealing user interface provides a consistent experience as students switch between smartphone, tablet and laptop.
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Qualcomm Education products and services are offered through Qualcomm Labs, Inc.

Wireless Reach

Since 2007, Wireless Reach has funded nearly 40 pilot studies to determine if giving students 24/7 connectivity to their learning materials and communities can make a positive impact on educational outcomes. The results have exceeded our expectations. Learn more.

Mobile learning extends education beyond the physical confines of the classroom and school library, allowing students to access content from home, communicate with teachers, and, perhaps most importantly, communicate with each other. Wireless devices with 3G/4G broadband connectivity help ensure all students have access to educational resources 24/7.


Uplinq™ Developer Conference

SEP 18-19, 2014 | San Francisco, California, USA

Calling Education App Developers! If you're a developer, you can't afford to miss Qualcomm® Uplinq™—the only conference for developers that focuses on the distinct intersection of mobile, computing and wireless. Sign up for the session “Getting Educated on Education Apps”. Mobile is quickly becoming the new technology platform for learning. Android is becoming one of the platforms of choice for education. The need for high-quality apps has never been greater, so don’t miss this session as we provide guidance around the important parameters, considerations and potential ecosystem relationships for the education segment.

SETDA's Annual Leadership Summit and Education Forum

OCT 26-29, 204 | Arlington, Virginia, USA

Each fall, the Leadership Summit brings state educational leaders to the Washington D.C. area to participate in this unique professional learning opportunity. Representatives from Qualcomm Education team will be attending the summit to continue the dialogue with Educational Leaders regarding the role technology can play towards the vision of truly 24/7 access to learning.