Effective October 1, 2012, QUALCOMM Incorporated completed a corporate reorganization in which the assets of certain of its businesses and groups, as well as the stock of certain of its direct and indirect subsidiaries, were contributed to Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. (QTI), a wholly-owned subsidiary of QUALCOMM Incorporated. Learn more about these changes

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Qualcomm Technologies has provided superior wireless technology to the automotive industry for more than a decade with tens of millions of connected vehicles in operation around the world from more than 15 leading auto manufacturers. Qualcomm Technologies continues to develop the underlying technology that allows automakers and their suppliers to readily create new, breakthrough connected car capabilities and services. Qualcomm Technologies’ 4G LTE, WLAN and DSRC solutions are helping to drive further innovation that will add more connected cars to the millions currently on the road that are enabled with Qualcomm Technologies Gobi chipsets.

Qualcomm® Gobi™ 3G/4G LTE chipsets are the most widely used wireless solutions for enabling cloud-based entertainment and safety/security applications in the auto industry. Qualcomm Technologies’ multi-mode 2G/3G/4G LTE products with integrated GNSS/GPS capability permit automakers to field vehicles that use a common communications platform to connect and communicate with cloud services through the various wireless networks deployed throughout the world. Embedded wireless connectivity enables core safety, security, and connectivity services, such as automatic location reporting and connection to live advisors when accidents occur, remote diagnostics, remote car unlocking, connected infotainment services, superior GNSS/GPS-enabled position-location services and more.

Qualcomm Technologies chipsets expand vehicle capabilities with embedded, always-on connectivity to high-speed mobile broadband networks, enabling:

  • Emergency assistance including support for EU eCall mandate
  • Safety and security services including remote door unlock and stolen vehicle tracking
  • Remote vehicle monitoring and diagnostics
  • Advanced driver assistance systems
  • In car Wi-Fi access point
  • GNSS-enabled position-location services
  • Enhanced navigation solutions
  • Energy management assistance
  • In-car infotainment and entertainment
  • Streaming audio, video and other cloud-based content delivery