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Is your smartphone power hungry?

A cellular modem can make or break the smartphone experience. If the cellular modem is fast and reliable, you’ll be able to do fun things quickly—load webpages, share photos on Facebook and be less likely to drop voice calls. But speed isn’t the only feature—the modem should also be power-efficient or else the fun will come to an abrupt end.


Inside the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 Theater

Qualcomm Chairman and CEO Dr. Paul Jacobs introduced the world to the new Snapdragon 800 processor series this week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. To showcase these enhanced multimedia capabilities, Qualcomm built a soundproof, tricked-out theater at their CES booth.


This is what an 80-foot Windows Phone looks like

To celebrate today's launch of Windows Phone 8, Microsoft created an 80-foot banner featuring the start screen of the phone of Qualcomm's CEO, Paul Jacobs.


Hands on with the Samsung ATIV Tab

The Samsung ATIV Tab is one of the first tablets to hit the market featuring Windows RT, a completely redesigned operating system from Microsoft. Windows RT is optimized for touch screens and long battery life. Let’s check it out:


Inside Nokia’s new Flagship Smartphone -- The Nokia Lumia 920

Earlier today Nokia held a press conference in New York City to unveil their latest in their line of Lumia smartphones – The Lumia 820 and flagship Lumia 920. At the core of these handsets is Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 processor. The performance powerhouse of the S4 processor allowed Nokia to outfit these phones the flashiest hardware technology and bleeding edge Microsoft software. Below is a walkthrough of how the Snapdragon S4 is powering some of these features in the flagship Nokia Lumia 920.


The Nokia Lumia 900 launches to rave reviews

Last week Nokia turned heads with the Lumia 900 – a new smartphone featuring a Snapdragon processor. Many reviewers were big fans of this Windows Phone.


Windows 8 on Snapdragon Processors

Qualcomm has spent the last few years working closely with Microsoft on its Windows Phone operating system for smartphones. To date, every one of these Windows Phones use a Snapdragon Processor, offering fast graphics, zippy web browsing, and long battery life. Because this collaboration has been so successful, Microsoft is making its next-generation Windows platform—for both PCs and Smartphones—available to Snapdragon processors as well.


The Snapdragon S2-Enabled Windows Phone

Over the past month Microsoft has announced a new generation of Windows Phone. At first glance, the new generation of handsets look similar to their predecessor. But inside they’re completely different.


Ice Cream Sandwich and Industry Analyst Summit

Last week Qualcomm hosted over 50 industry analysts from North and South America. Attendees spent a few days at our headquarters in San Diego to be briefed on current and future technologies. They also had the opportunity to confer with executives and product managers.


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