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Jason Woodmansee (39)

The Dell XPS 10 brings the Snapdragon S4 Processor to Windows RT

At IFA Berlin, Dell announced the XPS 10, a gorgeous 10-inch tablet that caters to both consumers and professionals. This tablet is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor, a fully-integrated, system-on-chip solution capable of running the gamut of Windows applications. Unlike traditional PC processors, a Snapdragon-powered tablet is designed to easily provide a full day’s worth of battery life and lasting days on standby without a battery charge.


Snapdragon at Comic-Con

We’re located in San Diego, and one of the ways we know it’s summer is when Comic-Con comes to town. This year, we’re working with CNET to offer a charging station for attendees.


Congratulations to the Snapdragon One Charge Challenge winners

You may remember that a few months back, we sent one phone featuring a Snapdragon™ processor around the world on one battery charge to make a video. The total distance traveled was 36,312 miles – all on one charge.


New Titles For Snapdragon GamePack are here

Today at our Uplinq mobile developer conference 2012, we announced the addition of new games to the Snapdragon™ GamePack, which already catalogs more than 100 featured games for Snapdragon-enabled, Android- and Windows-based smartphones and tablets.


The Snapdragon Gaming World Record Challenge By the Numbers

And by cool, we’re not referring to its looks. Heat isn’t something gadget users always worry about. However, there are circumstances when a mobile device will heat up significantly, say, when you’re playing a 3D intensive game, chatting with video enabled, or watching an HD movie continuously for long periods of time.


Snapdragon Pre-Qualifies Gamers To Break World Record

Gamers of all skill levels descended on Lexington Social House, a swank music lounge located smack in the middle of Hollywood and Vine, to partake in a pre-qualifier that would land them the opportunity to break a Guiness Book of World record.


Going around the world on one charge – behind the scenes

You may remember the video we did last month where we sent one phone featuring a Snapdragon processor around the world on one battery charge. Are you interested in finding out more about how we did it?


Snapdragon Gaming World Record Challenge at E3

Would you like to see your name in the Guinness World Records™? No, we’re not suggesting you wear a beard made of bees. Instead we’re setting up the Snapdragon™ Gaming World Record Challenge at E3 in Los Angeles on Tuesday, June 5 and Wednesday, June 6.


What can you do with the power of one charge?

We sent one phone featuring a Snapdragon processor around the world on one battery charge to make this video on one battery charge. In just over two weeks, the phone traveled from LA to New York, London, Paris, Shanghai, Moscow, Dubai, Mumbai, and Rio De Janeiro with a few pitstops in Istanbul and LA.

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