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Recent Lectures from Academia

Qualcomm regularly hosts professors to present technical lectures to project teams at our research facilities.

San Diego Seminar Series

Date Title University Professor
6/26/14 Chip-scale programmable RF micro-systems for frequency-dynamic wireless applications UIUC Songbin Gong
6/18/14 Challenges and Opportunities in SDR for Spectrum Sharing Virginia Tech Jeffrey H. Reed
5/28/14 Wireless Physical Layer Security: How to Date a Girl with Her Boyfriend on the Same Table University of Houston Zhu Han
5/22/14 New Directions in UAV navigation and GPS Research UIUC Grace Xingxin Gao
4/3/14 Intelligence from Rhythm and Motion NASA - AMES Vytas SunSprial
3/17/14 Enabling the Wireless Cloud through Software-defined Networking Stanford Andrea Goldsmith
3/14/14 Tunable Pointer Analysis, Irregular Hardware Prefetching, and a New Approach to Cache Management University of Texas, Austin Calvin Lin
2/13/14 Functional repair in distributed data storage Chinese Univeristy of Hong Kong Raymond W. Yeung
2/12/14 Limits and Opportunities of Acceleration University of Wisconsin–Madison Karu Sankaralingam
2/12/14 Some case studies of random network coding in distributed storage MIT Muriel Médard
2/10/14 Networks: Information Theory, Communications, and Signal Processing Aspects Columbia Xiaodong Wang
1/24/14 Center for Domain-Specific Computing UCLA Jason Cong
1/17/14 ITLinQ: A New Approach for Spectrum Sharing in Device-to-Device Communication Systems USC Salman Avestimehr
1/14/14 Small Cameras, Big Visual Data, and Future Mobile Vision Systems U of Washington / U of Wisconsin-Madison Li Zhang
12/13/13 Residential and Neighborhood Energy Management Simulation and Smart Cities UCSD Tajana Šimunić Rosing
12/12/13 On Cooperative Radio Resource Allocation techniques based on Game Theory Bar Illan University Ephraim Zehavi
12/6/13 HELIX+RC: Compiler + architecture co-design yielding automatic HELIX=parallelization of code for multi-core processors Harvard Gu-Yeon Wei
12/5/13 From RoboBees to Burst Mfg: Our vision for multi-scale, multi-material, rapid manufacturing of monolithic electromechanical systems Harvard Gu-Yeon Wei
11/19/13 Coverage and Capacity Analysis of mmWave Cellular Systems University of Texas, Austin Robert W. Heath, Jr.
10/29/13 Energy Scaling of Spintronics – A New Paradigm, from STT memory, MeRAM to Low Dissipation Intelligent Systems UCLA Dr. Kang L. Wang
10/29/13 Pushing the Envelope: Oscillators Beyond the Conventional Limits Cornell University Dr. Ehsan Afshari
10/29/13 Firefly Radios: Ultra-low Power Wireless for Body Area Networks and More Cornell University Dr. Alyssa Apsel
10/28/13 Competitive Foraging: Individual Decision-making and Group Dynamics UCSD Dr. Angela Yu, PhD Candidate & Sheeraz Ahmad
10/15/13 Power, Performance and Thermal Tradeoff Study for Ultra-high Density Monolithic 3D IC Designs Georgia Tech Sung Kyu Lim
10/10/13 Exact Data Mining from In-exact Data EPFL Nikolaos M. Freris
9/20/13 Situation Awareness from Wide-Area Vision Networks University of California, Riverside Amit K. Roy-Chowdhury
9/6/13 5G Research Topics TU Dresden Gerhard Fettweis
8/28/13 Sampling and Inference for Spatiotemporal Single-Photon Imaging Harvard University Yue M. Lu
7/24/13 Transforming Wi-Fi into a Gesture Recognition Sensor University of Washington Shyam Gollakota
7/9/13 Acoustic Echoes Reveal the Room Shape Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) Reza Parhizkar

Silicon Valley Seminar Series

Date Title University Professor
4/21/14 Exploiting Processor Heterogeneity for Energy Efficient Context Inference on Smartphones UCLA Mani Srivastava