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QInF 2014

Congratulations to the winners of the 2014 Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship!

2014 Winners: United States

Out of 137 submitted proposals (from 18 schools) we first selected 34 finalists (thus, acceptance rate: 24.8%). The judges had the difficult task of selecting the 9 winning teams (acceptance rate: 6.6%) out of the 34 finalists, who are awarded a $100,000 Fellowship each. In fact, the competition was again strong this year, with some of the schools (new and established) putting in record number of proposals, so we increased the winners from initially 8 teams to 9 teams.

Official rules for the 2014 innovation fellowship are available for download.

School Student(s) Recommender(s) Innovation Title
MIT Phillip Nadeau
Mark Mimee
Anantha Chandrakasan
Timothy Lu
BacMOS: Electronic bio-sensors using synthetic biological transducers
UT Austin Prabhakar Marepalli
Columbia Mishra
Jayathi Y. Murthy Simulation of Highly Non-Equilibrium Electro-Thermal Transport in Ultra-Scaled Microelectronics
Amir Yazdanbakhsh
Bradley Thwaites
Hadi Esmaeilzadeh
Doug Burger
Bridging Analog Neuromorphic and Digital von Neumann Computing
Stanford Hao Nan
Miaad Aliroteh
Amin Arbabian Biometric Authentication with 3D Map of Blood Vessels Using Novel Microwave Imaging
CMU Sauvik Das
Gierad Laput
Jason Hong Everyday Objects for Physical Space Authentication
Caltech Ron Appel
Krzysztof Chalupka
Pietro Perona Energy-Efficient Multiclass Classification for Visual Applications on Mobile Devices
Washington Vamsi Talla
Vincent Liu
Joshua R. Smith
Shyamnath Gollakota
Battery- and Infrastructure-free Devices
Columbia Anandaroop Chakrabarti
Mehdi Ashraphijuo
Harish Krishnaswamy
Xiaodong Wang
Massive Millimeter-Wave MIMO for 100G Wireless
Caltech Kishore Jaganathan
Christos Thrampoulidis
Babak Hassibi Interference Alignment via Matrix Completion for Cellular Networks and Network Coding

2014 Winners: International

Qualcomm's three European research centres in Cambridge, Germany and Austria ran their own fellowship programs. Winners from each area are listed below.

* Overall Europe Winner for the 2014 fellowship.

School Student(s) Recommender(s) Innovation Title
Imperial College of London Hanme Kim * Andrew Davison Visual SLAM and 3D reconstruction using an event based camera
Imperial College Patrick Snape Stefanos Zafeiriou Recovering Facial Shape from Unconstrained Images
Cambridge University Amah Shah Zoubin Ghahraman Bayesian Global Optimisation of Expensive Functions
TU Munich Qing Bai Josef A. Nossek Energy Efficient Design of SIMO Receivers with Compact Antenna Arrays
Institut Eurecom Martina Cardone Raymond Knopp & Daniela Tuninetti Relay assisted downlink wireless channels
TU Munich Dominik Van Opdenbosch Eckehard Steinbach Camera-based indoor positioning using scalable streaming of compressed binary image signatures
EPF Lausanne Zahra Sadeghipoor Sabine Suesstrunk Chromatic Aberration Correction in RGB and Near-Infrared Cameras
EPF Lausanne Ngo Tien Dat Pascal Fua Augmenting Deformable 3-D Surfaces on Mobile Devices
ETH Zurich Tobias Nägeli Manfred Morari &
Otmar Hilliges
Environment Independent low latency Metric Camera Pose Estimation in Dynamic Scenes

Fellowship Winners

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