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QInF 2013

Congratulations to the winners of the 2013 Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship!

2013 Winners: United States

Out of 138 submitted proposals (from 15 schools) we first selected 33 finalists (thus, acceptance rate: 24%). The judges had the difficult task of selecting the 8 winning teams (acceptance rate: 6%) out of the 33 finalists, who are awarded a $100,000 Fellowship each. In fact, the competition was so strong that this year for the first time we are recognizing two additional teams with an Honorable Mention and a $50,000 grant each.

Official rules for the 2013 innovation fellowship are available for download.

School Student(s) Recommender(s) Innovation Title
Washington Adrian Sampson
Thierry Moreau
Luis Ceze
Dan Grossman
Approximate Acceleration
UCLA Pramey Upadhyaya
Juan Alzate
Kang L. Wang Spin-Based GHz Reconfigurable Switches for Ultralow-Power Memory and Logic Applications
Princeton Yingzhe Hu
Josue Sanz-Robinson
Naveen Verma
James C. Sturm
Hybrid Architectures and Circuits to Transform Flexible Electronics into High-value, Large-scale Sensing Systems
Cornell Ilan Shomorony
Alireza Vahid
Salman Avestimehr Collaborative Interference Management
UIUC Man-Ki Yoon
Fardin Abdi Taghi Abad
Lui Sha
Sibin Mohan
Behavior Pattern Inspection: A new Approach for Securing Real-Time Embedded Systems
UCSD Lele Wang,
Minghai Qin
Young-Han Kim

Paul H. Siegel
Practical Coding Techniques for Network Communication Systems
UCB Phitchaya Phothilimthana

Nishant Totla
Rastislav Bodik Programming Model and Synthesis for Low-power Spatial Architectures
Columbia Changhyuk Lee

Sunwoo Lee
Alyosha C. Molnar

James Hone
Graphene Resonator Based Mixer-First Receiver on CMOS for Digitally Controlled and Widely Tunable RF Interface
Honorable Mentions
CMU Chris Fallin

Gennady Pekhimenko
Onur Mutlu Block-Based Heterogeneous Core Designs for Higher System Performance and Efficiency
Michigan Brad Campbell

Pat Pannuto
Prabal Dutta Solving Node Synchronization, Indoor Localization, and Low-Power Communication with a Single VLC Bullet

2013 Winners: International

Qualcomm's three European research centres in Cambridge, Germany and Austria ran their own fellowship programs. Each winning student received a fellowship in the amount of £10,000 for Cambridge and €10,000 each for Germany and Austria for the upcoming academic year, plus assignment of a Qualcomm researcher as mentor to facilitate close collaboration and interaction with Qualcomm Corporate Research & Development.

School Student(s) Recommender(s) Innovation Title
Cambridge University Marwa Mahmoud Prof. Peter Robinson Non-verbal communication
Cambridge University Steven Marsh Dr. Simon Moore Providing an efficient programming model for extreme-scale real-time neural network simulation
Department of Computing at Imperial College Joan Alabort-i-Medina Dr. Stefanos Zafeiriou Facial point localisation and tracking in the wild
TU Munich Michael Heindlmaier Gerhard Kramer Implementation and Optimization of Noisy Network Coding Schemes
TU Munich Alexander Krebs Wolfgang Utschick Forward Cross-Layer Error Correction of Turbo Coded LTE Data Frames
TU Dresden Pan Cao Eduard A. Jorswieck Power Trading in Multi-Source Multi-Relay
EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Federale De Lausanne) Alberto Crivellaro Lepetit A Robust Dense Approach for Marker-less Camera Pose Estimation in Industrial Contexts
EPFL Zahra Sadeghipoor Süsstrunk Joint Acquisition of RGB and Near-Infrared Images with the Bayer CFA
ETHZ Bernhard Zeisl (& Alain Maurice Illi) Pollefeys Depth Map Super-Resolution from Noisy and Low Quality Mobile Depth Sensors

Fellowship Winners

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