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Wi-Fi Advanced: Continuing the Evolution of Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is an essential part of the solution to meet the 1000x challenge. As Wi-Fi is used globally for offloading data traffic from cellular networks, expectations on its performance and efficiency continue to rise. In addition, Wi-Fi continues to proliferate with new use-cases such as sensors, P2P and new bands such as 60 GHz and 900 MHz.

The Wi-Fi Advanced team spearheads industry leading innovations targeting ‘leap in value’ performance, efficiencies and user-experience improvements, including new use-cases and new bands. The Wi-Fi Advanced team also participates actively in IEEE 802.11 and WFA meetings on standardization of new Wi-Fi releases, in developing industry-first prototypes and working closely with Qualcomm Atheros to commercialize new features on our chipsets.

Wi-Fi Advanced Projects


Supports 5GHz.
Wide bandwidth.


Supports sub-1 GHz for better coverage.
Low power consumption, ideal for sensors.
Scalable to 1000s of nodes with efficient MAC.


Shorter acquisition time.
Faster AP-to-AP handoff in dense networks.
Avoid probe storms.

High-Efficiency Wi-Fi (HEW)

Better spectral efficiency and edge throughput in dense deployments.