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Wi-Fi Quality Estimation (WQE)

An intelligent 3G/LTE Wi-Fi offload framework.

Since almost all 3G smart phone devices – the devices that consume the majority of the data services – integrate Wi-Fi access and since Wi-Fi is widely available at home and in hotspots, WQE based Wi-Fi offload has significant potential to be an extension of 3G/LTE that provides high service quality under an operator’s control.


Wi-Fi networks are unplanned and exhibit dynamically changing radio conditions and inconsistent coverage and capacity. WQE measures the channel quality, backhaul quality, and detects available Internet connectivity. CnE uses these WQE metrics in conjunction with operator policies and user preferences to make decisions about optimal network selection.

Details of the WQE design are available in the 3G/LTE Wi-Fi Offload Framework white paper.