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To reduce the planning and provisioning effort for small cell deployment and ultimately enable better utilization of resources and user experience with plug-and-play, Qualcomm is developing UltraSON feature set with the following categories:


Category UltraSON Features
SELF CONFIGURATION: Automatic cell parameter and backhaul config
  • Automatic PCI selection
  • Automatic neighbor discovery (including 3GPP ANR)
BACKHAUL AWARE OPERATION: Handle backhaul constraints
  • Backhaul quality aware load balancing
MOBILITY MANAGEMENT: Optimize handover (HO) performance and reduce signaling load
  • Frequent Handover Mitigation
  • Forward handover
  • Robust mobility (including 3GPP MRO)
DYNAMIC RESOURCE AND Tx POWER MANAGEMENT: Optimze capacity, minimize pilot pollution and load balancing
  • Tx power management
  • Resource partitioning and coordination (including 3GPP ICIC) between small cells
  • Load balancing (including 3GPP MLB and macro-SC)


Different features apply to different deployment scenarios. In addition, individual features are customized for the different scenarios as needed. Click on each UltraSON category above for more explanations of the related features.

In addition, UltraSON Private, which helps traditional restricted access 3G small cells to operate robustly with the existing macro-small cell network, is now commercialized on Qualcomm FSM chipsets.