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HSPA+ Advanced

Qualcomm’s HSPA+ Advanced R&D program is focused on improving mobile voice and data performance from physical to application layers.

We work on the design, simulations, analysis, standardization, prototyping and technology transfers of new techniques that improve both voice and data services.

HSPA+ Advanced R&D Projects

HSPA+ Multiflow

HSPA+ Multiflow delivers multiple, independent data streams simultaneously to address cell edge user experience and uneven network loads.

CPC & Enhanced FACH

Enhancements to improve user experience in a perpetually connected world by increasing smartphone battery life, reducing network signaling, and improving network capacity.

HSPA+ HetNets

Provide significant network capacity improvements by increasing offloading to small cells with Dual Carrier Range expansion, Multiflow DFDC and Load Based Serving Cell Selection Techniques.

WCDMA+ Voice & Data Capacity Enhancements

Improve CS voice efficiency so resources can be used to enhance HSDPA capacity. This is achieved without any voice quality loss.

Supplemental Downlink

An evolution of Multi Carrier HSPA+ that aggregates unpaired spectrum bands with paired spectrum to offer additional downlink capacity.

Multi Carrier HSPA+

Provide wireless bandwidth aggregation using multiple 5 MHz carriers to provide a higher quality mobile broadband experience.

Uplink Transmit Diversity

The use of multiple transmit antennas at the UE to improve uplink performance, coverage improvements and/ or reduce transmit power.