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Qualcomm Research Austria

Qualcomm Research Austria, part of Qualcomm Austria Research Center GmbH*, was established in March 2010 with a strong focus on augmented reality for mobile devices. The growing team of researchers and engineers features world class expertise in this very active field. Projects at our Qualcomm Research Vienna encompass basic research in AR and related areas as well as efforts to make these findings available in commercial products.

Expertise: computer vision, augmented reality, SW development and optimization

Qualcomm Research Austria maintains close collaboration with Qualcomm Research San Diego and Qualcomm Research Korea. We also have strong relationships with some of the top institutes contributing in the field of computer vision and augmented reality, e.g. the Christian Doppler Lab for Handheld Augmented Reality in Graz.

Qualcomm Augmented Reality Lecture Series

The Qualcomm Augmented Reality Lecture Series aims to provide high level talks given by highly recognized speakers in the field of Augmented Reality. Speakers coming mainly from Academia, reporting either on recent results ore provide an overview on a specific topic. There will be 8-10 speakers per year. The program will be updated on a regular basis.

Learning Better Image Features

Extracting and describing image features such as feature points or edges is a critical step of many Computer Vision systems. However in practice this is often done with carefully handcrafted methods. In this talk, I will present Machine Learning techniques that can detect and describing feature points and edges, and that are more robust that the best handcrafted methods.

Vincent Lepetit
TU Graz, Austria

Vincent Lepetit is a Professor at the Institute for Computer Graphics and Vision, TU Graz and a Visiting Professor at the Computer Vision Laboratory, EPFL. He received the engineering and master degrees in Computer Science from the ESIAL in 1996. He received the PhD degree in Computer Vision in 2001 from the University of Nancy, France, after working in the ISA INRIA team. He then joined the Virtual Reality Lab at EPFL as a post-doctoral fellow and became a founding member of the Computer Vision Laboratory. His research interests include vision-based Augmented Reality, 3D camera tracking, object recognition and 3D reconstruction.

Date: 24-04-14
Time: 14:00 - 16:00
Location: TU Vienna
Zemanek Lecture Room (Room Number: HHEG01)
1040 Vienna, Favoritenstraße 9-11, Stiege III, ground floor, light green area

Michael Gervautz - Qualcomm Austria Research Center
Oliver Bimber – Johannes Kepler University Linz
Eduard Gröller – Vienna University of Technology
Hannes Kaufmann – Vienna University of Technology
Walter Kropatsch – Vienna University of Technology
Gerhard Reitmayr – Graz University of Technology
Dieter Schmalstieg – Graz University of Technology
Werner Purgathofer – Vienna University of Technology

* Qualcomm Austria Research Center GmbH with offices at Operngasse 17-21, 14th Floor, Vienna A-1040, Austria