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Webinar: The Gimbal Context Aware Platform

Dec 17, 2013

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The Gimbal context aware platform enables brands to engage consumers with relevant, timely, and personalized communications sent to their mobile devices when they are out and about – which can lead to increased customer engagement, sales and loyalty.
Please join Kevin Hunter, Senior Director of Product Management, Qualcomm Retail Solutions, Inc., for an industry analyst webinar on Gimbal. Specific topics that will be covered in this presentation include:

• Details on Gimbal’s use of location (both real-time and historical patterns,) consumer-managed interest attributes, and other behavioral information (such as time, day, duration in location, actions taken in response to offers, app downloads, etc.) to deliver relevant communications.
• Specifics on the use of geofencing (macro location) and proximity (micro location) to enable the delivery of timely and highly relevant communications.
• An overview about how Gimbal Manager enables brands and retailers to track message effectiveness by offering robust tools for measuring real-world behavior and application interaction.
• Background on Gimbal’s comprehensive but easy-to-digest privacy policy, as well as its multiple information-protection safeguards at both the device and transmission levels.
• Information about Gimbal SDK, manager portal and APIs, and how these tools enable developer access to a phone’s sensors and radios directly, relieving developers of the need to address each underlying chipset on an ad-hoc basis.

Gimbal is based on Qualcomm’s deep mobile technology experience, so its design addresses the full range of capabilities available in today’s mobile devices and enables brands to positively engage customers without compromising the user’s mobile experience.

Kevin Hunter, Senior Director of Product Management, Qualcomm Retail Solutions, Inc.

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