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Webinar: The 1000x challenge; More Spectrum – How, how much and from where?

Sep 18, 2012

9:00 AM PST
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In our quest for solutions to the 1000x mobile data challenge, the next stop is to explore options for more spectrum. If you think you have heard too many discussions, and lots of press coverage about spectrum, then you are probably right. It is actually that important! Spectrum is lifeblood of mobile networks. No wonder network operators are always hungry for more and regulators are hard at work to identify, clear, and allocate new spectrum. Join us to understand where you can get more of it, at which bands and what innovative methods are needed to unlock it.
Tune in to this second webinar in a series of 4 webinar for an overview of the 1000x challenge; the subsequent webinars will dive deeper into each of the three key areas that can enable the 1000x supply.
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