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User Interfaces for Spatial Augmented Reality

Aug 24, 2012

<p>This talk explores the current research in Spatial Augmented Reality (SAR). Instead of the users wearing or carrying the display such as for head mounted displays or handheld devices; SAR makes use of digital projectors to display perspectively correct graphical information onto physical objects. The key difference in SAR is that the display is separated from the users of the system. Because the displays are not associated with each user, SAR scales naturally up to groups of users, thus allowing for collocated collaboration between users. SAR has several advantages over traditional head mounted displays and handheld devices. The user is not required to carry equipment or wear the display over their eyes. This makes spatial AR a good candidate for collaborative work, as the users can see each other’s faces. This separation provides a set of interesting research challenges. The tangible nature of SAR makes this an ideal technology to support application domains such as design, as SAR supports both a graphical visualisation and passive haptic sensation for the end users, as people are able to touch physical objects. This talk will presented an overview of SAR, provide examples of current user interaction techniques, and provide a description of future research directions.

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<td> 14:15 -15:45</td>
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TU Vienna<br>
Zemanek Lecture Room (Room Number: HHEG01)<br>
1040 Vienna<br>
Favoritenstraße 9-11, Stiege III, ground floor, light green area
<p><a href="/media/documents/files/user-interfaces-for-spatial-augmented-reality.pdf">Download the presentation slides</a></p>
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Event Location

TU Vienna - Zemanek Lecture Room (Room Number: HHEG01)
1040 Vienna Favoritenstraße 9-11, Stiege III, ground floor, light green area