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Qualcomm Webinar: Energy Efficient Heterogeneous Computing Architecture for a New Mobile Experience

Aug 1, 2013

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Please join our speaker, Bob Rychlik, for the second in a series of webinars about Qualcomm’s approach to mobile heterogeneous computing.

In this presentation we will cover our holistic approach to designing heterogeneous computing systems for mobile. Specific topics covered in this webinar are as follows:
- Why it is important to apply a holistic approach to system design for Heterogeneous Computing.
- How Qualcomm is evolving processing unit architecture, system architecture, and software infrastructure to deliver the best mobile Heterogeneous Computing solutions.
- How Qualcomm is carefully considering the special power and thermal considerations of mobile devices in our implementation.

Bob Rychlik, Engineer, Principal/Mgr, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

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