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Qualcomm Snapdragon Processors and Integrated Adreno GPU

Dec 7, 2012

Speaker: Manish Sirdeshmukh, Senior Product Manager                                                  

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Snapdragon processors and their integrated Adreno GPUs, along with Adreno tools and middleware, constitute a strong, leading platform for Qualcomm’s OEM customers, carrier partners, and graphics application developers.

Join us for a Qualcomm Industry Analyst Webinar where Manish Sirdeshmukh, Senior Product Manager will provide an update on Qualcomm's comprehensive graphics ecosystem support, including market adoption statistics, the advantages of the latest Adreno GPU architecture, integrated support for top middleware engines, and leading graphics development and optimization tools. During the Webinar we will show demos of the Adreno tools suite and of games based on these middleware engines.

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