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Qualcomm Snapdragon Hexagon™ DSP- Low Power Companion Core

Dec 6, 2012

Speaker: Steven Brightfield, Product Manager                                                  

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Please join us for a Qualcomm Industry Analyst Webinar where the topic of discussion hones in on Qualcomm’s Hexagon Digital Signal Processor (DSP), found in the Snapdragon S4 processor. Find out how this ultimate low-power companion core lessens the burden of the processor by taking on important tasks such as audio processing. What you may not realize is that not every processor has a dedicated core for functions like audio processing. You’ll find out how big industry names like Beats Audio and SRS Technologies are using the Hexgagon DSP to fully utilize the Snapdragon S4 processor and save battery power in the process. We will also discuss the road ahead for Hexagon, as this multimedia DSP expands to other core functions like video processing, augmented reality, and image enhancement.

Our webinar, led by Qualcomm Product Manager Steven Brightfield, will talk in depth about how the Hexagon DSP and Snapdragon is bringing new meaning to the term “Low-Power Companion Core”.

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