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Mobile World Congress 2013

Small Cell City

To reach 1000x, we need to cost-effectively deploy small cells basically everywhere and use all deployments scenarios; neighborhood, enterprise and metro small cells. This demo shows how Qualcomm’s UltraSON solves multiple challenges for these different deployments scenarios and enables hyper-densification. The interactive playback demonstrates indoor to outdoor coverage, high capacity, and robust mobility using various UltraSON features.

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LTE in Unlicensed Band

While extending LTE Advanced to unlicensed spectrum, it is essential to make sure that LTE is a good neighbor to Wi-Fi that they both co-exists harmoniously. This demo shows how 1) LTE avoids using the same unlicensed band as Wi-Fi, and if not possible, 2) how LTE and Wi-Fi co-exists on the same band by sensing the channel and adapt transmission accordingly—a form of listen-before-talk.

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LTE Authorized Shared Access (ASA)

In the quest for 1000x, we need to get access to more spectrum and ASA can free up underutilized government spectrum of a shared, but exclusive basis. Jointly with NSN, we demonstrate ASA in the 2.3 GHz band which being implemented in Europe. Jointly with Ericsson, we are demonstrating ASA in 3,5 GHz, which is a US candidate, as a supplemental downlink.

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LTE Advanced Enhanced HetNets

A live interactive demo to highlight the pivotal role of enhanced receivers in providing superior LTE Advanced performance, illustrated by showing how they deliver impressive capacity gain and cell-edge data rates for HetNets. The demo features LTE Advanced test devices with data channel interference cancellation, which is part of 3GPP R12 standards.

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HSPA+ 4 Carrier Multiflow

Continuing the evolution of HSPA+ carrier aggregation, multiflow combines carriers across sectors to enhance cell edge and balance network load. The demo showcases user experience improvements in cell edge scenarios and system level load balancing gains while aggregating up to 4 cells simultaneously for two carrier frequencies.

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HSPA+ Supplemental Downlink with Ericsson

This live over-the-air joint demo with Ericsson (at Ericsson's HSPA station), shows how Supplemental Downlink (SDL) can effectively increase the capacity for downlink heavy apps by combining unpaired L-band spectrum with downlink of paired spectrum. SDL is a key spectrum initiative in meeting 1000x challenge. The demo features Ericsson's commercial ready base station and Qualcomm devices.


Joint demo by Qualcomm demonstrating UMTS/HSPA+ in <5MHz (½ and ¼ carrier) bandwidths, which enables operators to rapidly refarm all of their GSM spectrum to HSPA+, and allows maximum utilization of all spectrum resources. This demo features commercial BTS and Qualcomm’s MDP test devices.
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LTE Direct

Demonstration of the breadth of use cases enabled by the battery efficiency, long range and scalability of LTE Direct discovery platform. The demo also showcases the benefits of LTE Direct device to device communication capability for Public Safety use cases.
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