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Mobile +Web Devcon

Wednesday, July 18

Smarter Apps for Smarter Phones

Eric Bilange

Senior Director, Engineering

Today, modern operating systems (Android, IOS, among others) expose powerful APIs to gather user surroundings data such as location, motion, lighting and directional position, and this in turn can determine context.

These APIs can be used to build powerful, smarter applications. This raw data provided from each of these unique APIs requires developers to create sophisticated interpretative algorithms to aggregate into meaningful data and bring personalization to applications. Using multiple APIs simultaneously can present challenges such as data inaccuracies, sluggishness, battery-drain and draw privacy concerns with end users.

Qualcomm Labs will discuss technical challenges of OS APIs and give an in-depth presentation on how to overcome them. Although high-level code will be presented, all levels of developers, software engineers, product managers and strategists are welcome.

4:15 PM - 5:15 PM