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EV Japan

Thursday, January 17

Qualcomm Halo: Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging in the stream: The Cutting Edge of Wireless EV Charging Technology

Anthony Thomson

Vice President, Business Development and Marketing

The last few years have seen electric vehicle technology develop in leaps and bounds. EVs are now universally recognised as the future of the automotive industry, with cars such as the Nissan Leaf entering the market in 2011. However, there is no doubt that barriers to mass-market adoption still remain, primarily in terms of efficiency, cost and usability.

It is these issues that are now being addressed by the development of wireless charging technology. Simplicity and minimum driver intervention are key features that win out time-and-times again and when these features are coupled with high power transfer efficiency, wireless charging is a winning combination. This presentation will outline how this technology works and the benefits it is set to bring to the electric vehicle industry.

12:00 AM