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Convex variational methods for computer vision and image processing

Nov 29, 2013

Energy minimization methods are among the most successful approaches to solve problems in computer vision, image processing and machine learning. Unfortunately, many interesting problems lead to non-smooth and in particular to non-convex optimization problems. In this talk I will discuss different strategies to tackle non-convex problems by convex methods, leading to very efficient and in some cases globally optimal algorithms.

Dr. Thomas Pock, Institute for Computer Graphics and Vision, Graz University of Technology

Date: 29-11-13
Time: 14:15 -15:45
Location: TU Vienna
HS 7 (Schütte-Lihotzky HS)
1040 Wien, Karlsplatz 13
Main Building, Stiege VII, ground floor

Event Location

TU Vienna
Zemanek Lecture Room (Room Number: HHEG01) 1040 Vienna, Favoritenstraße 9-11, Stiege III, ground floor, light green area