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Computational 3D Photography: Extracting Shape, Motion and Appearance from Images

Nov 29, 2011

One of the fundamental problems of computer vision is to extract 3D shape and motion from images. This can be achieved when a scene or object is observed from different viewpoints or over a period of time. There is a wide range of applications, ranging from digitizing cultural heritage to vision-based autonomous robot navigation. This talk will present several approaches to solve this problem. First, we’ll discuss techniques for 3D shape recovery for static objects and scenes. One particular case is the 3D mapping and localization in large environments from images, e.g. urban 3D reconstruction from vehicle-borne cameras or localization from cell-phone images. Next, we’ll shift our focus to modeling dynamic scenes, e.g. people who are moving around. In addition to explicitly 3D modeling an event, we'll consider the possibility to perform video-based rendering from casually captured videos.

Prof. Marc Pollefeys
ETH Zürich, Switzerland

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Event Location

TU Vienna Vienna