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The 6th Annual European Spectrum Management Conference

Supplemental Mobile Downlink technology, when used in conjunction with existing paired mobile bands, can lead to significant improvements in mobile broadband network capabilities. It enables, in a cost-effective manner, increasing consumer demand for rich multimedia content with enhanced quality of service.
The Supplemental Mobile Downlink demonstration aggregates unpaired spectrum, the L-band (1452-1492 MHz), with paired spectrum, 2.1 GHz, to boost mobile broadband downlink capacity, supporting more users and enhancing users experience. L-band harmonization for supplemental downlink is possible in Europe and globally, and other opportunities, such as 700MHz in the US, depend upon country-specific spectrum situations.

June 14- 8:30am- 7:30pm
June 15- 8:30am-5pm
Demo Booth Number 6

June 14th- 8:30am- 7:30pm. June 15th- 8:30am- 5:30pm Exhibitor Booth Number 6