Effective October 1, 2012, QUALCOMM Incorporated completed a corporate reorganization in which the assets of certain of its businesses and groups, as well as the stock of certain of its direct and indirect subsidiaries, were contributed to Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. (QTI), a wholly-owned subsidiary of QUALCOMM Incorporated. Learn more about these changes

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Title Date
Content for All - The Potential for LTE Broadcast/eMBMS
AllPlay Eula
Wireless Charging for Electric Vehicles Brochure 01/09/12
Wireless Charging for Electric Vehicles FAQ 01/09/12
HSPA+ Advanced: Taking HSPA+ to the Next Level Whitepaper 02/06/12
Total Configuration Algorithm (TCA) 1.0 HLD 02/20/13
Smart Grid News: How Utilities Are Using Cellular Communications Today 03/25/13
Qualcomm Labs: Fostering Mobile Innovation 05/07/13
Vienna Lecture Series Slides - Peter Sturm 07/18/13
Femtocell and Beacon Transmit Power Self-Calibration 07/18/13
Qualcomm Asia Summit 2012 Day 2 07/18/13
Smart Grid City Brochure 07/18/13
Neighborhood Small Cell Deployment Model 07/18/13
HSPA+ HetNets 07/18/13
Dual Cell HSDPA Application Performance 07/18/13
CSR Report - Environmental Impact 2006 07/18/13
2010 Qualcomm Social Responsibility Report 07/18/13
Presentation by Sabre Susstruk 07/18/13
Presentation by Jan Herling 07/18/13
Qualcomm Asia Summit 2012 Day 1 07/18/13
ESG | Case Study | Transport Network Design 07/18/13
Qualcomm® RF360 Front End Solution Product Brief 07/18/13
Presentation by Waltero Mayol 07/18/13
IAR Americas Summit: Enhancing the Mobile Experience with Connectivity 07/18/13
3G/WiFi Seamless Offload 07/18/13
Presentation by Alex Olwal 07/18/13
Measurement and Analysis of Video Streaming Performance in Live UMTS Networks 07/18/13
CSR Report - 2006 07/18/13
PESQ Limitations White Paper 07/18/13
Impact of SIB Scheduling on the Standby Battery Life of Mobile Devices in UMTS 07/18/13
IAR Americas Summit: Smartphones for the Masses 07/18/13
DO Advanced: Maximizing the Performance of EV-DO 07/18/13
Exploring the Great Myths of Wireless 07/18/13
QCTAP Standard Purchase Order Terms and Conditions 07/18/13
Interface Control Documents 07/18/13
IAR Americas Summit: Technology Leadership 07/18/13
Ant-Based Distributed Constrained Steiner Tree Algorithm 07/18/13
Communicating Machines Are Triggering an Embedded Revolution News Article 07/18/13
Voice Terminal Testing Methodology 07/18/13
Heterogeneous Networks in HSPA 07/18/13
Performance Analysis of HSPA Multi-Carrier Heterogenous Networks 07/18/13
ESG | Case Study | Managing BSA Deployment for Location-Based Services 07/18/13
Going Beyond an Application Store 07/18/13
SRVCC White Paper 07/18/13
Blogger Workshop Benchmark Summary: MDP Tablet Featuring APQ8064 Quad-Core 07/18/13
CTIA 2013: Qualcomm: HSPA+ 07/18/13
Performance Evaluation of Adaptive RLC PDU size in HSPA+ Networks 07/18/13
Quantifying Distortion of RF Power Amplifiers for Estimation of Predistorter 07/18/13
3G Applications and Services in Emerging Markets Whitepaper 07/18/13
Evolution of cdma2000 cellular networks: Multi-carrier EV-DO 07/18/13