Effective October 1, 2012, QUALCOMM Incorporated completed a corporate reorganization in which the assets of certain of its businesses and groups, as well as the stock of certain of its direct and indirect subsidiaries, were contributed to Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. (QTI), a wholly-owned subsidiary of QUALCOMM Incorporated. Learn more about these changes

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Title Date
Guidelines for Nominations 07/18/13
Femtocells - The Next Performance Leap 07/18/13
Wireless Reach Case Study: Spain, Augmented Reality (Spanish) 07/18/13
starter_pdfmerge 07/18/13
Qualcomm’s Internet of Everything (IoE) Roadmap 07/18/13
Qualcomm DASH Licensing Commitment 07/18/13
Wireless Reach Case Study: Spain, Augmented Reality (English) 07/18/13
2net Hub Spec Sheet 07/18/13
Mentorship Program Profile Questions 07/18/13
Mentorship Program One-on-One Mentorship - Focusing on the “Five Mys” 07/18/13
Wireless Reach Case Study: Tanzania, Internet Cafes (English) 07/18/13
Mentorship Program: Post-Pairing Check-in 07/18/13
Cell Reselection Parameter Optimizationin UMTS 07/18/13
PSMA Roadmap - Wireless Power Transfer 07/18/13
Wireless Reach Case Study: Indonesia, High School Computer Labs (English) 07/18/13
Qualcomm Halo Brochure 07/18/13
CSR Report - Employees and Workplace 2006 07/18/13
Interference Management and Performance Analysis of UMTS/HSPA+ Femtocells 07/18/13
QUIC Standard Purchase Order Terms and Conditions 07/18/13
Network Design for Managing CAPEX 07/18/13
Mentorship Program Flip Focus Guide 07/18/13
Wireless Reach - Indonesia Sustainability Toolkit 07/18/13
Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. Standard Purchase Order Terms and Conditions 07/18/13
Economic Benefits of 3G for Different Countries Worldwide 07/18/13
Mentorship Program - Mentor Orientation 07/18/13
CSR Report - Serve 2008 07/18/13
ESG | Case Study | UMTS Network Audit for MTNL 07/18/13
Circuit-switched Fallback: The First Phase of Voice Evolution for Mobile LTE 07/18/13
CSR Report - Community 2006 07/18/13
HSPA+ Advanced: Taking HSPA+ to the Next Level 07/18/13
CSR Report - 2007 07/18/13
Inter-System Cell Reselection Optimization in UMTS 07/18/13
1X Advanced – Four-Fold Increase in Voice Capacity Whitepaper 07/18/13
Uplink Closed Loop Transmit Diversity for HSPA 07/18/13
User Interfaces for Spatial Augmented Reality 07/18/13
Neighborhood Small Cells & UltraSON Open For LTE 07/18/13
LTE Direct Overview 07/18/13
Raptor Technology Overview 07/18/13
Developing Richer Web-based Applications 07/18/13
The Art of Smart Services: Building the Business Case 07/18/13
Qualcomm Technologies Circuit-switched fallback to 1x voice: Network 07/18/13
Performance of 802.11b/g in the Interference Limited Regime 07/18/13
Mobilizing The Machine 07/18/13
EMEA Summit: Modem Leadership 07/18/13
EMEA Summit: Wireless Evolution 07/18/13
Wireless Reach Case Study: India, SootSwap (English) 07/18/13
Energy Efficient Scheduling 07/18/13
Mentorship Program Initiative Overview 07/18/13
Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH) 07/18/13
UMTS 900/1800 Benefits 07/18/13