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Title Date
Presentation by Jan Herling 07/18/13
Presentation by Alex Olwal 07/18/13
Potential of Light Fields 07/18/13
PESQ Limitations White Paper 07/18/13
Performance of VoIP Services over 3GPP WCDMA Networks 07/23/13
Performance of dual-searcher mobiles in hotspot scenarios 07/18/13
Performance of 802.11b/g in the Interference Limited Regime 07/18/13
Performance Gains of Single-Frequency Dual-Cell HSDPA 07/18/13
Performance Evaluation of Adaptive RLC PDU size in HSPA+ Networks 07/18/13
Performance and Implementation of SF-DC Aggregation 07/18/13
Performance Analysis of HSPA Multi-Carrier Heterogenous Networks 07/18/13
Our Environmental Guiding Principles 01/10/14
Optimal Resource Allocation for Data Service in CDMA Reverse Link 07/18/13
Open Device Initiatives Breathe Life Into CDMA Networks 07/23/13
Network Design for Managing CAPEX 07/18/13
Neighborhood Small Cells & UltraSON Open For LTE 07/18/13
Neighborhood Small Cells & UltraSON OPEN For 3G 07/23/13
Neighborhood Small Cell Deployment Model 07/18/13
MyGlucoHealth Case Study 07/23/13
Multimode System Selection - Basic Provisioning 07/18/13
Mobilizing The Machine 07/18/13
Mobility and Femtocell Discovery in 3G UMTS Networks 07/18/13
Mentorship Program: Post-Pairing Check-in 07/18/13
Mentorship Program Tools for Evaluation 07/18/13
Mentorship Program Tools for Communication 07/18/13
Mentorship Program Profile Questions 07/18/13
Mentorship Program One-on-One Mentorship - Focusing on the “Five Mys” 07/18/13
Mentorship Program Initiative Overview 07/18/13
Mentorship Program Handout 07/23/13
Mentorship Program Guidelines for Nominations 07/23/13
Mentorship Program Flip Focus Guide 07/18/13
Mentorship Program Conclusion - Survey for Mentees 07/23/13
Mentorship Program - Mentor Orientation 07/18/13
Mentorship Program - Mentee Orientation 07/23/13
Mentorship Pilot Survey for Mentees – Kickoff 07/18/13
Mentorship Initiative Recommended Approach 07/23/13
Mentorship Iniatiative Mid-Point Mentor Focus Group – Facilitation Guide 07/23/13
Mentor Program Networking Cards 07/23/13
Measurement and Analysis of Video Streaming Performance in Live UMTS Networks 07/18/13
MCP50 Brochure 07/18/13
McLeod mPhone 07/18/13
Manufacturers are Getting Smart News Article 07/18/13
Managing Background Data Traffic in Mobile Devices 07/18/13
Machine-to-Machine - Real Opportunity in Wireless Data Business 07/18/13
M2M White Paper: The Growth of Device Connectivity 07/18/13
M2M Pioneers News Article 07/18/13
M2M Can Make You Smarter 07/23/13
LTE/WiMax Patent Licensing Statement 07/18/13
LTE – An Optimized OFDMA Solution for Wider Bandwidth Spectrum 07/18/13
LTE TDD – The Global Solution for Unpaired Spectrum 08/19/13