Effective October 1, 2012, QUALCOMM Incorporated completed a corporate reorganization in which the assets of certain of its businesses and groups, as well as the stock of certain of its direct and indirect subsidiaries, were contributed to Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. (QTI), a wholly-owned subsidiary of QUALCOMM Incorporated. Learn more about these changes

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Title Date
Inductive Power Transfer systems (IPT) Fact Sheet : No. 1 – Basic Concepts 07/18/13
Innovation Story - Wireless Health - Don Jones 07/23/13
Innovation Story - Wireless Health - Independa 07/18/13
Innovation Story - Wireless Health - Lifecomm 07/23/13
Innovation Story - Wireless Health - Telcare 07/18/13
Intelligent Home Diagram 07/23/13
Inter-System Cell Reselection Optimization in UMTS 07/18/13
Interface Control Documents 07/18/13
Interference Management and Performance Analysis of UMTS/HSPA+ Femtocells 07/18/13
Internet of Everything Development Platform Datasheet 07/18/13
Latency in HSPA Data Networks 07/18/13
Learning Event Feedback 07/23/13
Lecture Slides: Konrad Schindler 12/11/13
Lecture Slides: Thomas Pock 12/11/13
LG Electronics HD Video Conferencing System using RaptoQ 07/18/13
Linley Report on Dual-Core Snapdragon 07/18/13
Listen-Before-Talk Versus Treating Interference as Noise for Spectrum Sharing 07/23/13
Loosely Coupled Wireless Power Transfer: Physics, Circuits, Standards 07/18/13
LTE - A Well-Designed Mobile OFDMA IP Solution 07/23/13
LTE - Qualcomm leading the global success 08/19/13
LTE Advanced - An evolution built for the long-haul 07/16/14
LTE Advanced - Evolving and expanding into new frontiers 02/13/14
LTE Broadcast - A revenue enabler in the mobile media era 07/18/13
LTE Broadcast Infographic 03/06/14
LTE Direct Adoption: Connect Better 07/09/14
LTE Direct Overview 07/18/13
LTE Direct Overview 07/13/14
LTE Direct Whitepaper 07/14/14
LTE Direct: Disrupting Conference Networking 07/09/14
LTE Direct: Roundabout - A new way to discover urban bikes 07/09/14
LTE Heterogeneous Networks 07/18/13
LTE Mobility Enhancements 07/18/13
LTE Proximity Services 07/24/14
LTE TDD – The Global Solution for Unpaired Spectrum 08/19/13
LTE Unlicensed Coexistence Whitepaper 06/23/14
LTE – An Optimized OFDMA Solution for Wider Bandwidth Spectrum 07/18/13
LTE/WiMax Patent Licensing Statement 07/18/13
M2M Can Make You Smarter 07/23/13
M2M Pioneers News Article 07/18/13
M2M White Paper: The Growth of Device Connectivity 07/18/13
Machine-to-Machine - Real Opportunity in Wireless Data Business 07/18/13
Managing Background Data Traffic in Mobile Devices 07/18/13
Manufacturers are Getting Smart News Article 07/18/13
McLeod mPhone 07/18/13
MCP50 Brochure 07/18/13
Measurement and Analysis of Video Streaming Performance in Live UMTS Networks 07/18/13
Mentor Program Networking Cards 07/23/13
Mentorship Iniatiative Mid-Point Mentor Focus Group – Facilitation Guide 07/23/13
Mentorship Initiative Recommended Approach 07/23/13
Mentorship Pilot Survey for Mentees – Kickoff 07/18/13