Effective October 1, 2012, QUALCOMM Incorporated completed a corporate reorganization in which the assets of certain of its businesses and groups, as well as the stock of certain of its direct and indirect subsidiaries, were contributed to Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. (QTI), a wholly-owned subsidiary of QUALCOMM Incorporated. Learn more about these changes

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Title Date
Global Diversity and Inclusion Summary Report 07/18/13
Global Services, Inc. Standard Purchase Order Terms and Conditions 07/23/13
Gobi Product Specs 07/18/13
Going Beyond an Application Store 07/18/13
Guidelines for Nominations 07/18/13
HDR Imaging Overview 08/16/13
Heterogeneous Networks in HSPA 07/18/13
HetNets Overview Presentation 02/06/14
High Speed Matching and Tracking Slides 07/18/13
How Mobile is Redefining Computing 07/18/13
HQV Standard Definition (HD) Benchmark Version 2.0 07/18/13
HQV Standard Definition (SD) Benchmark Version 2.0 07/18/13
HSPA+ Advanced Smart Networks – Multipoint Transmission 07/23/13
HSPA+ Advanced: Taking HSPA+ to the Next Level 07/18/13
HSPA+ Advanced: Taking HSPA+ to the Next Level Whitepaper 02/06/12
HSPA+ Carrier Aggregation Evolution 04/15/14
HSPA+ for Enhanced Mobile Broadband Whitepaper 07/18/13
HSPA+ HetNets 07/18/13
HSPA+ is Here! What's Next? 07/23/13
HSPA+ Multiflow 02/24/14
HSPA+ R8 Enhanced Serving Cell Change Performance Evaluation 07/23/13
HSPA+ R8 Multicarrier Technology Demonstration 07/23/13
HSPA+: Building upon solid foundation 04/15/14
HSUPA Scheduling Algorithms Utilizing RoT Measurements and Interference 07/23/13
IAR Americas Summit 2011 Day 2 Presentations 07/18/13
IAR Americas Summit: Enhancing the Mobile Experience with Connectivity 07/18/13
IAR Americas Summit: Industry Leadership 07/23/13
IAR Americas Summit: Smartphones for the Masses 07/18/13
IAR Americas Summit: Technology Leadership 07/18/13
IAR AmericasSummit 2012_Snapdragon at the Heart of Mobile Devices 07/18/13
IEEE - Best practices for mobile broadcast delivery and playback of multimedia 07/23/13
IEEE802.11ac: The Next Evolution of Wi-Fi 07/18/13
Impact of Mobile Computers and Smartphones on CDMA2000 Networks 07/18/13
Impact of SIB Scheduling on the Standby Battery Life of Mobile Devices in UMTS 07/18/13
Implementing Interference Cancellation to Increase the EV-DO Rev A Reverse Link 07/18/13
Inductive Power Transfer systems (IPT) Fact Sheet : No. 1 – Basic Concepts 07/18/13
Innovation Story - Wireless Health - Don Jones 07/23/13
Innovation Story - Wireless Health - Independa 07/18/13
Innovation Story - Wireless Health - Lifecomm 07/23/13
Innovation Story - Wireless Health - Telcare 07/18/13
Intelligent Home Diagram 07/23/13
Inter-System Cell Reselection Optimization in UMTS 07/18/13
Interface Control Documents 07/18/13
Interference Management and Performance Analysis of UMTS/HSPA+ Femtocells 07/18/13
Internet of Everything Development Platform Datasheet 07/18/13
Latency in HSPA Data Networks 07/18/13
Learning Event Feedback 07/23/13
Lecture Slides: Konrad Schindler 12/11/13
Lecture Slides: Thomas Pock 12/11/13
LG Electronics HD Video Conferencing System using RaptoQ 07/18/13