Effective October 1, 2012, QUALCOMM Incorporated completed a corporate reorganization in which the assets of certain of its businesses and groups, as well as the stock of certain of its direct and indirect subsidiaries, were contributed to Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. (QTI), a wholly-owned subsidiary of QUALCOMM Incorporated. Learn more about these changes

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Title Date
CTIA 2013 LTE Advanced & LTE TDD 07/18/13
CTIA 2013 Wi Fi Evolution 07/18/13
CTIA 2013: 1000x: More Spectrum-especially for small cells 07/18/13
CTIA 2013: Qualcomm Modem Roadmap 07/18/13
CTIA 2013: Qualcomm: 1000x Mobile Data Challenge 07/18/13
CTIA 2013: Qualcomm: HSPA+ 07/18/13
CTIA 2013: Qualcomm: LTE Adv, LTE Direct, WiFi 07/18/13
CTIA 2013: Qualcomm: LTE Band Frangmentation 07/18/13
DEKRA ISO 9001:2008 Certificate 07/09/14
Designing Mobile Devices for Low Power and Thermal Efficiency 12/13/13
Developing Richer Web-based Applications 07/18/13
Discussion: Three Topics that Continue to Be Misunderstood by the Wireless World 07/18/13
DO Advanced: Maximizing the Performance of EV-DO 07/18/13
Dual Cell HSDPA Application Performance 07/18/13
Dual Cell HSDPA System Benefits and User Experience Gains 07/18/13
Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH) 07/18/13
eCall 11/08/13
eCall Licensing FAQs 07/18/13
Economic Benefits of 3G for Different Countries Worldwide 07/18/13
EMEA Summit: Connected Home 07/18/13
EMEA Summit: Europe Update 07/18/13
EMEA Summit: M2M Presentation 07/18/13
EMEA Summit: MEA Update 07/18/13
EMEA Summit: Mobile Experiences 07/23/13
EMEA Summit: Modem Leadership 07/18/13
EMEA Summit: Snapdragon Branding Update 07/18/13
EMEA Summit: Wireless Evolution 07/18/13
Enabling Hyper-Dense Small Cell Deployments with UltraSON 02/20/14
Enabling Notebook Users with Wide-Area Broadband Access 07/18/13
Enabling the Full 4K Mobile Experience: System Leadership 02/21/14
Energy Efficient Scheduling 07/18/13
Energy-Constrained Optimal Quantization for Wireless Sensor Networks 07/23/13
Energy-Efficiency Case Study 07/18/13
Enhanced HSDPA Mobility Performance: Quality and Robustness for VoIP Service 07/18/13
Enterprise Femtocell 07/18/13
ESG | Case Study | 1xEV-DO Network Optimization at Special Event Venues 07/18/13
ESG | Case Study | CAPEX 07/23/13
ESG | Case Study | UMTS Network Optimization at Special Event Venues 07/18/13
ESG | Case Study | E911 Location Performance 07/23/13
ESG | Case Study | Inter-RAT Optimization in Overlays 07/18/13
ESG | Case Study | Managing BSA Deployment for Location-Based Services 07/18/13
ESG | Case Study | Predicting Coverage and Simulating Network Design with QUEST 07/23/13
ESG | Case Study | Technology Consulting for EV-DO Commercialization 07/23/13
ESG | Case Study | Transport Network Design 07/18/13
ESG | Case Study | UMTS Network Audit for MTNL 07/18/13
European Workforces Are Poised For Unprecedented Levels Of Enterprise 07/18/13
EV-DO Rev. A and B: Wireless Broadband for the Masses Whitepaper 07/18/13
Evolution of cdma2000 cellular networks: Multi-carrier EV-DO 07/18/13
Evolution of Wireless Applications and Services Whitepaper 07/18/13
Evolution Toward A Multimode Future 07/18/13