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The Voice Evolution—VoLTE. VoHSPA+, WCDMA+ and Quality

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    The wireless industry is moving toward a richer, packet based voice on IP. However, traditional mobile Circuit Switched (CS) voice has a long life during the transition to carrier grade VoIP. Qualcomm’s comprehensive voice evolution technology leadership provides all aspects needed for the successful transition to carrier grade VoIP: We make the 3G CS voice more efficient (1X Advanced and WCDMA+), and lead the mobile VoIP delivery technologies with IMS VoIP over LTE (VoLTE) and HSPA+, provide the necessary transitions technologies between circuit switched voice and IMS VoIP; And finally, we provide the voice quality technologies to ensure the best voice experience for 3G CS voice, IMS VoIP as well as OTT VoIP.

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    HSPA+, HSPA+ Advanced, LTE, LTE Advanced, VoHSPA+, VoLTE, WCDMA